The Steelers Are Quackin Back

Let’s just start off with this right here ladies and gents!

WOOOOOOOOOOOO. The Pittsburgh Steelers have won a West Coast game with their fourth string Qb. Phew. Man.

To say I was a little bit worried might be the understatement of the year when Hunter Henry limped into the end zone, but our defense looked solid and our Offense ran the ball! Wow! Great job guys! Who would have thought that if our O-Line finally has a good game and we rush it a shit ton that it would have worked! O, idk…every other Steelers team ever.

I actually feel really bad for the San Diego (I know what I did) Chargers man. Pittsburgh is a team that travels well and everyone knows that, but to travel THIS well is just…sad for the “home” team.

That’s 90% Steelers fans. That’s insane. It doesn’t help that the Chargers have 0 reason to even be in LA outside of wanting a new stadium in San Diego, but LA just doesn’t care about football, especially Chargers football.

All in all, the Pittsburgh Steelers look like a solid team. We’ve had a million injuries up to this point with notable names, but the defense finally looks like a unit that we need. I know we aren’t going to the Super Bowl, but we look great in the face of true turmoil. Watt, Bush, Bud, Minkah, Sutton, and a healthy Steven Nelson….our future if bright.

I’d also like to state that anyone that was saying James Conner isn’t an NFL running back, same offer stands from last week where I said “If you think we should fire Tomlin you’re stupid and can come to my live show to discuss”. You’re wrong, and you’re evil and a poopoo head. JC till I die.

I have reasonable expectations for this season, but with the bye week here and some injuries getting the time they need to be tended too, I feel fully confident in saying I stand by the Minkah trade. I stay by the decision Tomlin made last week. And I stand by the Steelers.

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