Five Reasons the Steelers are Winning Tonight

I love tonight. I am so excited for what is going to be put on display tonight for one holy reason…there isn’t a rivalry quite like the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns.

As a die hard yinzer, I sat by patiently as Cleveland fans had their Super Bowl parade all summer long. The Browns finished last season on a heater with Baker looking like he was finally the quarterback Cleveland had been wating for, and with the addition of one of the leagues best in Odell Beckham Jr., it was only a matter of time until Browns fans started pretending that the team already did something.

I will give Browns fan this. As I learned in the early days of Two Beers Deep and TFTB, it’s not easy to do something over and over and over and over again and be let down for a little bit with viewers, or in this case wins.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will win tonight, even with the slew of injuries we have had for these five simple reasons.

  1. The Pittsburgh Defense

Our defense is elite, plain and simple. I caught a decent amount of flack for saying that our unit was elite but I was completely right. Now, the downside to that situation is simply put that Joe Haden might not play due to illness. I stand by Cleveland’s move to get away from Haden, especially with the promising young corners they have in Ward and Greedy. The only downside to our unit might be our rushing defense, which is the only shot the Browns have at even remotely winning tonight. Which they just won’t. Good luck blocking Watt.

2. We have the momentum

The Steelers are on a hot streak, beating the Chargers, Colts and Rams in a four game win streak. We also beat the Dolphins, but I won’t brag about something happening that just should have happened. Pittsburgh hasn’t been this excited about football in a LONG time, and for good reason. Our defense (see above) is an elite unit, and our offense is finally looking to make the plays needed to support the defense. Nothing, and I mean nothing is more important on a short week than momentum, and the Steelers have it. This is NOT a discredit to the Browns beating the very good Bills, but one game and four games…I’ll take the streak.

3. Our Offense Is Clicking

Mason Rudolph looks like an NFL quarterback, a sentence that not many Yinzers thought we’d have to think about for another two years. Last game, the receivers and the run game didn’t help Rudolph much but his throws were on target and perfect. You can’t convince me that this receiving core will have as terrible a game as they did last week, so tell me one reason Mason won’t succeed with JuJu, Johnson and Washington.

4. Coaching

Tomlin is a great coach. Tell me different and I’ll show you someone who just wants to see the world burn for no reason. If Tomlin hadn’t gone for the fourth down throw last week against the Rams, the world would be calling for his head saying he Lived In His Fears. It’s wild to me that people continuously hate on the dude and despite questionable clock management, there really just isn’t another coach I would want right now the way this team is moving.

5. It’s time for Freddie Kitchens to be fired

We are Browns Coaching Killers, plain and simple. As much as I despise Trey Wingo, he brings up a good point here.

I honestly can’t believe this team, with all of its talent and unbelievable cap space, have performed this bad in Cleveland. Baker is not a bad quarterback. OBJ is one of the most electric receivers we’ve seen. Landry couldn’t drop a beat at a night club with those hands. Chubb is the perfect running back, and BIG REEM Hunt is on the team, adding to the fact that this might be the best duo in the league. I have to assume it’s Kitchens, right? Like, that’s the only logical reasoning. So tonight, the Pittsburgh Steelers will do the Cleveland Browns a favor, and beat them, leaving the amazing Dorsey with only one option…keep the tradition alive.

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