Josh Elsass

A lot of jokes are tossed around about Josh Elsass’ role at TFTB, but his capabilities can be summed up by just simply stating that without Josh, TFTB probably wouldn’t be around. A Founding Father of the bench itself, Elsass makes your favorite content click and (although probably spelled wrong) fun, so next time you hear about our “Intern” or the “Disgruntled Ex-Employee”, pour one out for Elsass.

Latest Content

  • Thank You
    When the pandemic started, like literally the day they shut down New York City. I was supposed to be at Barstool Headquarters meeting Dave Portnoy. It was the final interview to become “his guy”. A week later, I got an email from Barstool that basically said the interview process was put on hold.  I called […]
  • What’s With The Bucks Hat?
    Intern Josh, explains why he wears a Milwaukee Bucks hat.
  • 100 Albums To Let Ruin Your Life (Hybrid Theory Was About Spelling Test)
    Over my life, few things have played a bigger role then music. And sometimes the few factors that are more important then music could not have been overcome without music. For years now I have toyed around with the idea of “100 Albums You Would Let Ruin Your Life”. To me the saying is cool […]

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