Moneyball (Return to the Win Column)

Just when you thought it was time to pack it in. The Cleveland Browns find a way to produce some offense. This week the Moneyball Franchise returned to the win column in the Thoughts From The Bench League. 

A hard fought match up with yours truly coming out on top. Nick Chubb damn near put up 30 points after a great weekend of 122 YDS and 2TDs. Alshon Jeffery also had a great week with 10 REC, 76 YDS, and 1TD. Kyler Murray has officially won the starting role on both teams. On this team he has usurped Matt Ryan. Matty Ice had a good wake, but has not had any consistency this year, where as Kyler has been trending up all season.

The 8 Team League suffered another loss. But they put up more points then the past two weeks. The real story of this matchup is in my scratches. Sammy Watkins and Todd Gurley were both out. David Njoki remains on the IR, and TY Hilton and Marlon Mack had a bye week. Baker Mayfield had to be cut from this team soley for me to pick up players to roster. So we are moving forward with Kyler full time on this team as well.

OBJ was good this week, but not great. After watching the game though I really believe the Cleveland Browns are the team that suffers from the most phantom penalties. It also always seems to come when OBJ makes a play. There were at least two OBJ catches that were called back on bizarre calls. Like illegal man downfield or a phantom holding call.

I’m pretty happy with the performance of both teams this week. Once we get the Indy kids back I think next week both teams have a shot at coming home with a win.

Thoughts From The Bench Legaue

8 Team League

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