The Pittsburgh Steelers are Legit, and I’m Not Even Being Biased.

I’m back, and if I learned one thing from Vegas it’s that you don’t need to go there to know what Vegas is all about…similar to the fact that the Steelers dont need Ben to win games. There’s a tie-in somewhere there, right? (I’m so tired still)

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The Pittsburgh Steelers did it guys. We finally got a win this year, which (stay with me here) just puts us ONE GAME BACK FROM FIRST PLACE IN THE DIVISION.

A week ago, the season was completely over and dead in the water. On this wonderful Tuesday? We have the best corners we’ve had for a very long time in Haden and Nelson, Barron ACTUALLY made a play, Devin Bush looked like a top ten draft pick, Cam Heyward was an animal and Watt put the league on notice. Not even to mention the offense, where James Conner had 8 catches and a solid all around game (still have to figure out why our O-Line is bad) and Mason Rudolph looked great.

Look, i get it….slight overreation. But the reason I am SO HYPED about this Pittsburgh Steelers team is simple…this team is EXTREMELY YOUNG. Look at these ages. Devin Bush is 21, James Conner is 24, Minkah Fitzpatrick is 22, Mike HIlton is 25, Diontae Johnson is 23, Steven Nelson 26, Mason Rudolph 24, Jaylen Samuels 23, JuJu Smith-Schuster 22, James Washington 23, T.J. Watt 24….to just name a few. No one, outside of Big Ben and Pouncey, are retiring soon. This team is in the perfect position, and it just took a solid win against a shit (sorry Keaton and A.J.) Bengals team.

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I’ll say this till I die. A draft pick is like a car on the lot of a dealership. Yes, that first round pick could be ANNNNNNY of the cars in the lot. That means it could be a fiat, or a Benz. But the second you make that selection and take the car off the lot, the pick isn’t just a pick anymore…it’s a player the Steelers would have to train and develop and coach, something we haven’t been particuallry good at in the first round. Our first round selection this year is a 22 year old DB from Alabama who Nick Saban said was his “favorite player to coach“. I’ll take that any day.

I love it. I’m here for it. And after we beat the Ravens this weekend and the Cleveland Browns lose to the 49ers, we will be in first for the division. What a world we live in. e

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