Fortnite’s Over

Fortnite is by far the single most influential video game of the “video game” era, and I know Marty is going to hate that statement. What I mean is, there has never been a game that impacts this many people, on this many platforms on this many levels…and it was free. I saw was, well because it’s gone.

Fortnite is the king of live events, bringing in various elements of culture and gaming (CC Giant Power Ranger Style Robot / Monster Fight). This event though was showsn as “The End”, and it has been just that.

Basically, the end event shot every player into space. Although the Fortnite story line is pretty entertaining, they do an all around pathetic attempt of showcasing the full story to the games players, who honestly might just want to play and no care about a storyline.

This black hole was shown on all of Fortnite’s social channels as well as their twitch channel, with a large amount of streamers staying on that page alone for a while. Other streamers, such as Tfue, just streamed…anything. From breaking keyboards, to getting wasted, to beating Cloakzy in Uno, the kid had around 200,000 viewers because no one knew what to do.

Obviously this tweet takes a dig at mixer with their view count and a large majority of that comes from Ninja’s lack of stream, but these numbers are…insane. Just think about this. Even if you hated Fortnite, even if you hated its players, its streamers, its entire being, what it has done for the video game culture is just flat out impossible to hate.

From Ninja, to Courage, to Dr.Lupo, to Tfue, to Cloakzy, to TimtheTatMan, to 72hrs, to Myth, to Hamlinz and Daquaen, to Mongraal, to Benjyfishy, and so many more common household names, this game has been the greatest thing thats happened to esports and it barely counts as an esports game.

This does make me wonder though. Streamers and individual players that have created a brand past Fortnite will be alright, but what will the other guys do if Fortnite really is done forever? The pro players traditionally don’t stream for playing purposes, and when they do stream its all about their gameplay, not their personalities. I mean, would Bugah even stream if he didn’t win the world cup?

There is hope though. We’ve seen something similar to this in the gaming world before…

THEY CLOSED THE OASIS ON TUESDAY’S AND THURSDAY’S! Hear me out. “People need to spend more time in the real world” isn’t just applicabale in a movie where people are obsessed with a VR style game, but with Fortnite. What if Fortnite really did just shut it down for the human race? I mean, between lawsuits about their emotes to lawsuits about their addictivie game, what if they really did just say “Eff You” and shut down the game forever?

My honest opinion? There’s just a new game that they are building anticipation towards. My worst nightmare? The game might actually just be done. Not bragging, but I did win my last Fortnite game ever yesterday. Not flexing, just stating facts.

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