Derrik Whiten

Our Founder, Our President, The King of the Castle. If it wasn’t for this guy’s drive and passion  TFTB would have never existed. It started as an idea and every year continues to grow into a reality. He blogs, hosts shows, forces Greg Malek to be social and is in charge of driving the bus. A passionate sports fan Deke is always right, just ask him. Paired with the loving support of his friends and family he is unstoppable.

Latest Content

  • A Great Depression Smashville
    This week on A Great Depression, Josh sits down with his partner in crime Deke to discuss where Thoughts From The Bench is now, where they want to see the company go, and Deke’s big move to Nashville.
  • TFTB Nashville
    When it comes to discussing anything that would be considered “big” or “controversial”, I’ve always found that blogging about it, despite my agressive break from blogging, makes it feel a bit more strategic. It feels like I thought it out a little more than I did and that makes it feel a bit less chaotic.
  • 2017 NFL REDRAFT
    How good is Patrick Mahomes? Good enough to absolutely be the number one pick in every single draft thats ever happened (except MAYBE the 2000 draft cause Brady is still kicking somehow). I wanted to take a look at his draft class and do a redo for a while strictly based on how amazing this