Derrik Whiten

Our Founder, Our President, The King of the Castle. If it wasn’t for this guy’s drive and passion  TFTB would have never existed. It started as an idea and every year continues to grow into a reality. He blogs, hosts shows, forces Greg Malek to be social and is in charge of driving the bus. A passionate sports fan Deke is always right, just ask him. Paired with the loving support of his friends and family he is unstoppable.

Latest Content

  • Waiver Wire Watch: Week 2
    Nothing, and I mean NOTHING goes into a winning Fantasy Football team more than watching the waiver wire each week. In the TFTB Fantasy Football Podcast, I went over my favorite Twitter and Instagram accounts I use to make sure I’m on top of injuries, trades and workload shifts. The nice thing for you? I […]
  • I’m Sorry For My Actions – A Letter From Deke
    Although not often, I know when to apologize. When we started Thoughts From The Bench, I took pride in being me and although that will never change, there just are times that deserve an apology. I hope that after this blog you all will still trust me and TFTB. I have had a few ideas […]
  • NFL Tight Ends Love Toilet Paper
    In a world obsessed with Odell Beckham Jr’s love for poop (no seriously, it’s trending) something else has been popping up on the Twittersphere. Tight ends across the NFL are misspelling the word “role”…or are they? In what looks to be an Ad campaign for either a toilet paper company or Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, some […]

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