Derrik Whiten

Our Founder, Our President, The King of the Castle. If it wasn’t for this guy’s drive and passion  TFTB would have never existed. It started as an idea and every year continues to grow into a reality. He blogs, hosts shows, forces Greg Malek to be social and is in charge of driving the bus. A passionate sports fan Deke is always right, just ask him. Paired with the loving support of his friends and family he is unstoppable.

Latest Content

  • Two Beers Deep (The Boys Are Back)
    This week the boys return after a month-long hiatus, but they aren’t alone!
    When I woke up this morning the air was different in the room. For once, the silence in the apartment was as loud as ever, proving that today is not just a regular Sunday. For weeks we have risen on a Sunday, waiting for the short sentence of truth to be uttered back into the
  • So Long Steph; Decimating Deke
    The King has reigned supreme once again. Now with two victories under his belt, he looks to make it a third. This week’s challenge should be interesting given the circumstances that surrounded Thursday’s game though. Last week, Steph took the great fortune of being able to pick up Calvin Ridley from the waivers as he