Derrik Whiten

Our Founder, Our President, The King of the Castle. If it wasn’t for this guy’s drive and passion  TFTB would have never existed. It started as an idea and every year continues to grow into a reality. He blogs, hosts shows, forces Greg Malek to be social and is in charge of driving the bus. A passionate sports fan Deke is always right, just ask him. Paired with the loving support of his friends and family he is unstoppable.

Latest Content

  • Denny Hamlin Wins Darlington Cause Duh
    Last night the Idiot Hour boys sat down and watched our second NASCAR race since becoming big NASCAR guys and let’s just say the outcome couldn’t have been anything else. Since selecting Denny Hamlin as my champion (no more thank you’s to Boyd, this is destiny) we are UNDEFEATED together, a sign of a true […]
  • I’m A Nascar Guy
    When the sports world stopped I was at a loss. Watching the Mav’s finish their game against the Nuggets more than two months ago was now and the last true sports moment I sat down to watch…until this weekend. Now, it’s widely known I am a massive baseball guy (Colossal/Enormous) and that title I earned […]
  • He’s Baaaaaaaaack
    MAMA, THERE GOES THAT MAN. I have been idly sitting back patiently waiting but I can’t anymore. I cannot sit through the complete hack job this entire division has done to the only QB with hardwar in the North. Ladies and Gents, He Back. Every. Single. Year. The same texts come through, the same DM’s. […]

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