Derrik Whiten

Our Founder, Our President, The King of the Castle. If it wasn’t for this guy’s drive and passion  TFTB would have never existed. It started as an idea and every year continues to grow into a reality. He blogs, hosts shows, forces Greg Malek to be social and is in charge of driving the bus. A passionate sports fan Deke is always right, just ask him. Paired with the loving support of his friends and family he is unstoppable.

Latest Content

  • Hue Jackson interviews for the Steelers OC Position
    In what is about to be the offseason from hell for the Pittsburgh Steelers, we still have no idea who is and is not coming back next season in the Black and Gold, most notably our Franchise quarterback Big Ben. All of the rumors around position changes and retirements don’t breed positivity for Steelers fans
  • The 2020 NFL Redraft
    Nothing to see here, just a completely accurate representation of how last years NFL draft would look if it happened again today! Yes, this is how it would go down. No, no other opinions matter. Yes, I know that’s annoying. Here’s a picture of Big Cat discussing our policy on disagreements here at TFTB. 1.
  • What It All Means
    All the way back around February, Thoughts From The Bench made a blind leap of faith decision to switch our programming over to Twitch from our comfy cozy Facebook page. The move didn’t officially happen until August with the “Switch to Twitch” taking more prep time than initially anticipated for a few reasons. For one