One Greg Down; On To The Next One

Just when all the peasants thought they could count me out… I thrive and survive. The King lives subjects. When I am down my two main receivers, have a running back on IR, and all the mass against me, I still beat Greg Malek.

The score is down below;

So now a confrontation that I have waited for so long in fantasy football comes ahead this week as I take on Greg Macafee. Greg has loved to hate on my team for a couple of reasons. One, he fought against my ranking when I drafted my players even though I based it off of their ADP! Second, Greg is a huge Buffalo Bills fan and I love that I am going to beat him with his favorite quarterback and wide receiver; Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs.

Greg I look forward to bringing you your first loss as well as adding a win to my own. I wish you the best of luck yo shine my crown, kiss my ass, and watch Josh Allen run wild on you!

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