This is Your King?

You know, I really wanted to go off on this long rant about Austin. Like I was really looking forward to it.

I wanted to talk about how I hate his rankings. About how he drafted not one, not two, but three players from his Top 10 Fantasy Football Players to Avoid rankings, which he’ll blame on drafting via their ADP. My argument to that, normally when you say avoid a player, you avoid that player, no matter if they are there or not.

I mean damn, he should’ve just Lev Bell along, but that must’ve been a value pick right?

Either way, I was looking forward to this matchup and I still am, but I decided I don’t really wanna waste my energy on a guy who doesn’t even listen to his own rankings.

I’m 2-0 and I have the highest scoring team in the league thanks to Aaron Rodgers, who might I add was another guy on Austin’s list, Josh Jacobs, Calvin Ridley, and a cast of players that will really hand an ass-whooping to Austin this week.

Honestly, I’m not even worried. I might even just watch the Bills game and that’s it, I’ll see Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs go off against the Rams, then I won’t even worry about it because the rest of Austin’s team is gonna shit the bed because Aaron Rodgers is literally going to throw all over New Orleans secondary.

But while I’m here, I do want to say one more thing. Austin considers himself as the Rank King correct? Then why does he emulate himself after a king that everyone hates.

I mean look at his most recent article. He uses a photo of Joffrey from Game of Thrones, one of the most hated characters and kings of all-time. In fact, Joffrey isn’t even actually a king, he’s a BASTARD. Maybe that’s why “The Rank King” emulates him, he’s a fake king.


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