Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 3


New York Jets (0-2)

Previous Ranking – 32

A Jets team with barely any weapons doesn’t defeat a 49ers team with a vast amount of injuries. Man the Jets suck. Sam Darnold hardly had anything to work with here with Bell and Crowder out, and even with all these injuries to the 49ers defense it still wasn’t going to make a difference. They’ll go up against the Colts this week!


Carolina Panthers (0-2)

Previous Rank – 31

It was another bad day at the office for Carolina as they fell to a divisional rival in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not only that, but Christian McCaffrey is set to miss multiple weeks due to injury. Couple that with the fact that Teddy couldn’t get a touchdown thrown down. The Panthers will take on the Chargers this week.


New York Giants (0-2)

Previous Rank – 29

The Giants are in trouble as Saquon Barkley has been ruled out the rest of the 2020 NFL season with a torn ACL. That means Dion Lewis will man the backfield alongside the other Giants. The Giants offense is based off a successful rushing attack, and without Saquon, it might be yet another miserable season for the Giants. They’ll face a very bruised and battered 49ers team this week.


Detroit Lions (0-2)

Previous Rank – 30

Just when you think Detroit will pull it out, they drop another loss, but this one was ugly as Aaron Jones gashed them in the running department. The Lions only move up a spot because of the traumatic loss of Barkley. Let’s hope they can muster up a win at some point. They’ll look to do just that when they take on the Cardinals this week!


Cincinnati Bengals (0-2)

Previous Rank – 28

Gotta give the Bengals some credit, they were able to score 30 points on the Browns, but lady luck just isn’t the fan of the Bengals this season. A.J. Green and Burrow are still trying to manage a connection, but one mistake always leads to a Bengals loss. They’ll hope to find success against a team that is also having struggles; The Philadelphia Eagles.


Miami Dolphins (0-2)

Previous Rank – 27

Miami almost had their first win under their grasp, but their defense choked and let Josh Allen run wild on them. The Dolphins are definitely better then they were last year and I have a feeling when they play more opponents, their actual record will be revealed. Let’s find out this week when the Dolphins take on the Jaguars.


Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1)

Previous Rank – 26

Jacksonville takes a loss here, but they stay where they are as they put an impressive showing against the Tennessee Titans. Minshew played decently and overall this Jaguars team looks like they aren’t in the mood of tanking. Let’s keep a closer eye on them as they go up against the Miami Dolphins this upcoming Thursday.


Denver Broncos (0-2)

Previous Rank – 22

Just when you think Denver is going to catch a break, injuries start to pile up. Von Miller, A.J. Bouye, Drew Lock, and now Courtland Sutton. Sutton might be the most significant as he has torn his ACL. Their quarterback Drew Lock suffered a rotator/labral injury and will also be out for 2-6 weeks. Denver is in for some real pain this season especially this upcoming week when they take on Buccaneers.


Cleveland Browns (1-1)

Previous Rank – 25

You can say what you want about this being a great game, but the Bengals rush defense was so poor, and Baker Mayfield still threw an interception. The Browns will move up a spot for now, but I still don’t have high expectations for this team. We will see how they do when they take on the Washington Football Team.


Los Angeles Chargers (1-1)

Previous Rank – 23

Hello Justin Herbert. When Tyrod had issues come up during pregame, Herbert stepped up and almost knocked off the Super Bowl champions. Personally, the decision to give the ball back to the Chiefs was a stupid one at that, and that alone gave the Chiefs the victory. I really hope the Chargers stick with Herbert, but who knows at this point. They don’t move down, and this week they go up against the Panthers.


Philadelphia Eagles (0-2)

Previous Rank – 21

The Eagles blew it again, and this time their pass defense was helpless against the Rams and Jared Goff. Not only that, but Goff was ineffective against the Rams defense. It is interesting to see where Philly goes from here as they are in the bottom of the barrel of the NFC East right now. They’ll look to win their first game of the 2020 season against the Bengals this week.


Washington Football Team (1-1)

Previous Rank – 20

The Washington Football drops down after a heavy loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Their defense while great against Carson Wentz fell to Kyler Murray and the rest of the Arizona offense. They have a decent number of players that intrigue me this season, but we’ll just have to wait and see how it all works out. They go one on one with the Cleveland Browns this week.


Chicago Bears (2-0)

Previous Rank – 24

Even though their win over the Lions wasn’t the greatest, I can’t put a 2-0 team lower than this at this point. The Bears will move up four spots, and they will look to this upcoming week when they take on the high passing offense of the Atlanta Falcons.


Atlanta Falcons (0-2)

Previous Rank – 19

The Falcons have to be one of the most unlucky teams in the NFL. Unfortunately, I can’t drop them any lower after their special teams and defense screwed everything up for an offensive driven team. Honestly, I hope Atlanta gets better soon. They have too much talent on offense for other elements to keep screwing it up.


Minnesota Vikings (0-2)

Previous Rank – 15

Overall, this was a pretty pathetic showing by Minnesota against the Colts. Cousins threw three interceptions and was virtually ineffective against the Colts defense. All his weapons aside from Dalvin Cook were useless, and something tells me if this keeps up Minnesota is going to go under real quick.


Houston Texans (0-2)

Previous Rank – 16

The Texans drop to 0-2 after a loss to Baltimore, and things are starting to look bleak for Houston. They couldn’t really get anything going even though Watson was able to perform with Brandin Cooks as the number one receiver this week, but the Texans receivers still have health concerns. They’ll have a tough task against Pittsburgh this week.


Indianapolis Colts (1-1)

Previous Rank – 18

Indy rebounded heavily after their loss to the Jaguars with a win over Minnesota. Their defense stepped up by intercepting Kirk Cousins on three separate occasions. Their offense didn’t do much other than their running back Jonathan Taylor being the vocal point. The kid has talent, and with Philip Rivers still at the helm, the Colts should get back on track soon. They face the Jets this week.


San Francisco 49ers (1-1)

Previous Rank – 7

Once a dominant threat, the 49ers team has been completely decimated with injuries. With Garoppolo slightly tweaked, the 49ers are without Nick Bosa, Richard Sherman, Deebo Samuel, Tevin Coleman, Raheem Mostert, and maybe George Kittle just as a couple of names listed. We’ll see how this goes, but they have a matchup against the Giants this week.


Las Vegas Raiders (2-0)

Previous Rank – 17

I can’t believe I just watched this happen last night. The Raiders beat the Saints in their first home game in a new stadium. The defense had no answer for Carr’s connection with tight end Darren Waller and against the run game of Josh Jacobs. An unexpected event now takes them to 2-0 and now they’ll go up against the Patriots this week.


New England Patriots (1-1)

Previous Rank – 12

The Patriots really had us biting our nails in this matchup with the Seahawks. It came down to a goal line move by Newton that was blocked by the defense. A great game overall, but a loss for the Pats drops them a spot in the ranking. This week Newton and the Patriots will go up against the undefeated Raiders to see if their luck can get better.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1)

Previous Rank – 14

Tampa Bay gets their first win against a divisional rival in the Carolina Panthers. However, Brady still didn’t quite look like himself. He needs to get back to top form if he wants Tampa Bay to succeed in the passing game. Godwin is back in the lineup after clearing the concussion protocol. They’ll need him when they take on a very wounded Denver Broncos team.


Los Angeles Rams (2-0)

Previous Rank – 13

The Rams cleaned house against the Eagles last week. Goff was nearly perfect throwing the ball in this game, and it is hard to argue against a pitiful Eagles secondary (aside from Darius Slay). Now the Rams will have a much better opponent in the Bills to take on this week.


Dallas Cowboys (1-1)

Previous Rank – 11

The Cowboys come back within seconds to win against the Falcons. However, the play calling at the beginning was interesting to say the least and fumble issues haunted the offense all day. The defense couldn’t do a thing against Matt Ryan, but thankfully Prescott put the team on his shoulders yet again. They face the Seahawks this week.


Arizona Cardinals (2-0)

Previous Rank – 10

Arizona wins against the Washington Football Team, and I believe these guys might be in shape to win the division the way they are playing. Murray has been lights out with Hopkins added to his arsenal. Their defense was spot on as well. Here is hoping they keep going with a matchup against the Detroit Lions.


Green Bay Packers (2-0)

Previous Rank – 9

The Packers beat the Lions last week, and honestly it was mostly because of Aaron Jones. With Adams out of the game, Jones became the leading receiver along with being the leading rusher. Whether or not that happens this upcoming week is another story as they face the New Orleans Saints after a humiliating defeat to the Raiders.


Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0)

Previous Rank – 8

The Steelers move up a spot after they beat the Denver Bronocs last weekend. Everything kind of worked out this week aside from some defensive mistakes and some odd play calling. Chase Claypool got his first touchdown as a rookie, Johnson and JuJu did well in the passing game, James Conner returned to form, and Big Ben looked good. This week they’ll go up against the Houston Texans.


Tennessee Titans (2-0)

Previous Rank – 6

The Titans stay where they are after almost blowing a win to Jacksonville. While they got the win, Derrick Henry kind of got lost in the shuffle of his normal dominant self, and the defense gave up some major yardage to Minshew and company. For now they stay out of the top five. They take on the Vikings this week.


New Orleans Saints (1-1)

Previous Rank – 4

The Saints drop one spot after an uncharacteristic loss to the Raiders on Monday night. They are without Thomas, but he should come back soon, but honestly the offense needs to be around Kamara. He was the only one that flourished as Drew Brees is apparently starting off slow this year. They’ll take on the Packers this week.


Buffalo Bills (2-0)

Previous Rank – 5

The Bills move up one spot after beating the Miami Dolphins last week. While the defense underperformed and was pretty suspect against this Dolphin offense, Josh Allen probably had the greatest game of his career with over 400 passing yards and four passing touchdowns. It was a hell of a game for the kid and now he and the Bills will look to be 3-0 when they host the Los Angeles Rams.


Seattle Seahawks (2-0)

Previous Rank – 3

The Seahawks stood their ground and pulled off a victory against the Patriots Sunday night. Now they have a big challenge against the Dallas Cowboys this week. Wilson must have some sort of plan going into after they barely pulled out a win, and now the Cowboys are at their door.


Baltimore Ravens (2-0)

Previous Rank – 2

Baltimore had no chance of losing to the Texans last week and it was proven by the way they dominated on both sides of the ball. Lamar did his thing, and the defense kept Watson from trying to make a comeback of any proportions. Now the Raven’s biggest match is here. Monday night, they take on the Chiefs. What a match that is going to be.


Kansas City Chiefs (2-0)

Previous Rank – 1

The Chiefs escape with a victory over the Chargers last weekend, and honestly them staying at number one is going to determine who should be here after this week’s matchup with Baltimore. Lamar and Mahomes are going to ball out, and honestly it is going to be a good one. Tune in.

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