Fantasy Insight by Tom Dube

Apologies from the commish – This article was ON TIME and sandbagged accidently. Tom is NOT ind anger of any punishments. Love you Tom.

Fantasy Football, much like life, can be a very funny thing. “Funny” in a you love it but it can be very frustrating, inconsistent, and sometimes maddening.

Playing in 3 leagues, I saw over a dozen lead changes over three matchups last week and saw the projected points swing even more wildly. I am not saying to disregard the waiver wire and I am certainly not advocating to draft a kicker without a team (mistakes I’ve already made this season leading to a superb 0-1 start) but when you are staring at a 17 point projected deficit don’t panic. It’s only week 2. It is hardly time to sell the farm.

Yes, you may go 0-2 vs Gregs. Yes, you are projected to lose by 15 after you forgot that while you owned Chubb in one league he was burying you an early grave in another. Yes, you are on your third kicker in 2 weeks.

Stay humble. Stay calm. This is why they play the games.

And if you lose this week go ahead and cut everyone and start begging for trades.

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