The NFL has Peaked….Again

A little while back, I wrote a completely accurate article that still stands true to this very day about how the NFL season peaked after a week one matchup between the Saints and the Texans.

“BuT DeKe, WoUlDn”T A PeAk MeaN It’S AlL DowNHIll?” No, simple minded blog reader. Not if you never left the peak. And last night proved that.

With the highest win total on a Monday Night game this late into the season, the 7-2 Seattle Seahawks went into the Bay to face off against the San Fran 49ers, led by the just stupidly attractive Jimmy G. On Two Beers Deep last night, I planted my flag saying that the undefeated streak was over, but I had no clue the blood bath that would ensue.

Let’s just hit some of the top points here. First and foremost, the NFL has had a major problem with officiating this season. Like….terrible.

Screw Alberto Riveron, per Austin Moorhead weeks ago. Last night was just…another “Ooopsie” in the laps of this giant pile of shit that is the NFL officials. It absolutely infuriates me that I can’t find a video of this “Phantom Sack”, but yes, it had something to do with the outcome of the game whether you like it or not.

Yes, Russ threw an interception leading to a 49ers drive in overtime, but that “sack” was just terrible. To paint a picture, Russ was in the pocket, dead to rights and as Russ does, he avoided the sack, ran for six yards making it a much shorter third down. That would have just completely changed the next call, and the next call and so on. But whatever. Screw me right.

Another huge moment, one that I dont think I have ever seen as wild ever in my fandom was this amazing 49ers defensive touchdown (that caused me to lose in fantasy of course)

Trust me….I IMPLOR you to go watch the highlights of this game. This game had everything. It was sexy. It was nerve racking. If screwed me over in two of my leagues, but I actually don’t hate losing if it’s to a game like this.

Also, a white dude named Hollister had an INSANE game, proving once again the God Loves Russ.

Also, give credit where it’s due….ESPN might just be the “Hip” and “Young” company it wants to be.

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