The NFL Has Peaked

If I can ask one thing of the NFL, it would be to not have a double header of Monday Night Football again. If I get a second question to ask, can every Monday night football be the Saints vs. the Texans? Those are too outlandish of requests, right?

Last night was peak NFL. Just absolutely peak football. Deshaun Watson is who we thought he was, leading the Texans to one of the most impressive late game drives we’ve seen….just to get beat by Brees and a really…uhh….awkwardly weird defensive postion for the Texans. Check out the final seconds below.

Not to mention, mind you that the Texans kicker MISSED THE FREAKING EXTRA POINT and got another chance for the roughing the kicker penalty. That had the Texans tied with 37 second instead of the. 1 point Texans lead due to the penalty. Also, can we talk about the Texans D with 6 seconds left where the Saints only need five yards to kick the field goal? Suuuuper suspect.

Michael Thomas is absolutely the real deal with a 10 catch 123 yard night for the Saints. I haven’t really heard this dude talk before but his twitter beef game is insane. When the whole AB situation was going down with the Raiders, CantGuardMike had this to say about the Oakland GM.

“I wouldn’t take Mike Mayock to serious either for the simple fact he had the nerves to rank 5 guys higher then me coming out the draft. And we all know how that worked out 🤷🏾‍♂️. Who Dat tho 🙂 #letscallaspadeaspade— Michael Thomas (@Cantguardmike) September 5, 2019

I do want to touch on my guy Hop, cause this dude’s a BAAAD man. Only downside (besides the loss) is that he had 3 dropped balls, 3 more than his entire 2018 campaign. He wanted to go into the season to break the receiving and touchdown record while having 0 dropped balls, but a great night by Marshon Lattimore had Hopkins a bit rattled.

The Saints are absolutely on a war path after last season where they got completely robbed by the refs. Follow that season up with the Minnesota Miracle, and you have a NOLA team primed for success this year. They just have to. Drew Brees deserves this. I still can’t believe the refs missed this call. It pisses me off.

The best part of the night might have been the fact that Saints fans all came wearing Referee shirts, but I think I figured out the real reason so many ref shirts were in the crowd….

Here are the full slate of highlights from last nights peak performance. WHAT A GAME. Huge shoutout to kickers everywhere. Kickers Lives Matter people.

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