Alberto; More Like Gotta Go!

This has been a very frustrating issue for me with the NFL. Ever since the Saints-Rams game we as fans have wanted the ability to see obvious bulls**t calls overturned. So this year the NFL implemented the rule that pass interference calls can be challenged if there is evidence on the field to overturn one that was called or was not called. Finally a clear cut way to decide on whether a play is wrong or not. However, the NFL has let this slide so much already this year and honestly it isn’t just this, it is referees in general particularly one man; Alberto Riveron.

Riveron is currently the Senior Vice President of Officiating for the NFL, but honestly if I had my way he would be gone faster than a hollywood relationship. Officiating has become a big problem in the NFL today. Too many instances are being called with a lot of flags being tossed for reasons they have never been tossed before. However, the big obvious plays are being overlooked and simply ignored.

I had this feeling they were simply being ignored and then sure enough Pat Macafee started talking about it and I loved every minute of it. Don’t take my word for it listen to his frustration over the issue!

You can see this issue is clearly a big one as clear calls are being made and then coaches go to challenge them knowing there is a new rule in place and Alberto Riveron with all the power in the world is essentially giving the NFL, and the fans involved, a big middle finger by letting the play stand.

I don’t know if he is trying to make the officials on the field look good for the play, but all he is doing is pissing everyone off even more. Pat McAfee makes the statement that if Vontez Burfict can be suspended for the season for not adapting to the new rules, then why shouldn’t Alberto Riveron be suspended for his blatant refusal to adapt to the new officiating rules.

If you still don’t understand my frustration over this, then here are some examples that constantly make me say Alberto why in the f**k do you still have a job?

Roughing the Passer?????? Bulls**t!

Steelers vs Ravens Week 5

Packers vs Cowboys Week 5

Seahawks vs Rams Week 5

Pass Interference Calls Are A Joke I Guess

Steelers vs Bengals Week 4

Chiefs vs Colts Week 5

Packers vs Eagles Week 4

Honestly, I tried to look it up, but I couldn’t find anything on the Giants and Patriots game last night. There were two particular plays that I noticed in last night’s game. One was where Edelman clear as day got the ball stripped off of him and fumbled against the Giants defense. The call for a fumble wasn’t called so Pat Shurmur threw the challenge flag yet it wasn’t called. The other came when Patriots defender Jonathan Jones made contact with Golden Tate before Tate had a chance to catch the ball. Shurmur then challenged that no call and still the play was upheld.

Shurmur was quoted by saying the following; “We see that replay doesn’t overturn much. So I am not surprised”.

Overall, in the NFL there have been 40 pass interference reviews since the start of the season. Seven of them have been overturned. In fact coaches have failed on 20 of their past 21 challenges.

If this says anything it says that Alberto Riveron and the rest of the officiating in the NFL in 2019 is a load of garbage. He needs to be gone from the NFL. He is literally ruining the sport that I love as well as everyone else loves. Alberto gotta go!

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