What a glorious feeling it is to be a Cleveland fan! The Browns won a hardly contested game against the South Toronto (sorry Buffalo) Bills this Sunday, 19-16.

It was a very ugly game all around, even by Cleveland’s standards of winning games ugly.

Freddie Kitchens still looks completely lost out there calling plays on offense, Baker Mayfield looks scared shitless everytime the pocket collapses because he has cement statues for offensive linemen, and the defense seemingly enjoys leaving everyone open right down the middle of the field.

But that wasn’t going to stop the Brownies, no!

After going down 16-12 after an abysmal defensive goal line stand (in which the refs inexplicably called Frank Gore in when he was a solid yard and a half short of the goal line on the first attempt) the Browns had an opportunity to drive down the field and win the game.

Baker and Kareem Hunt tried to ruin that opportunity real quick, mixing up a horrible pitch by Baker and an attempt at what looked like a no look catch by Hunt, which resulted in the Bills recovering the fumble and returning it for a touchdown. The game was over, it was a two score game with 3:30 to go. People started to leave the game.

But then, the replays on the big screen showed, that the pitch was a forward pass, and the Brownies were back in business!

Big Dick Baker drove the Brownies down the field, with an incredible over the shoulder catch by Jarvis Landry to set up a first and goal for the Browns.

On 2nd and goal, gunslingin Baker threw a dime to Hollywood Higgins who completely broke his cornerback’s ankles, to give the Browns a 19-16 lead with 1:40 something to go in the game.

I was in the stadium and it was ELECTRIC! This was a huge game for the Browns, lose and there is a 0% hope of even a thought of a playoff push.

But the Bills still had time on the clock, and after the kickoff, Josh Allen drove the ball down the field and put Steven Hauschka with a 53 yard “chip shot” to tie the game and force overtime.


I proceeded to chug my IPA I had in my hand (which was not a wise decision I found out later that night), and heckle some South Toronto fans the entire way out of the stadium. I would say they took it in good spirits, but they didn’t. Bunch of igloo living, snow shoe wearing, wanna be Canadians, sore losers is what they are.

Cleveland was a riot on Sunday after the game, could this be the moment that Freddie and the boys needed? An ugly win against an ugly team?

I am starting to think, that the Browns turned the corner this weekend.

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