A King’s Spicy Statement

Well it had to have come sooner or later right… It seems that my team has finally dropped their first loss of the season. It had to be to Greg too. I hate Terry McLaurin, I hate Saquon Barkley. I hate my entire team right now. Overall, not a great performance. I wanna smack Dalvin Cook right upside the head, Cooper Kupp couldn’t get anything going. Just not feeling great right now. The match isn’t fully settled as Austin Ekeler still plays for Greg tonight, but it’s pretty much over.

Now comes the tough part. I told everyone something would happen when I lost for the first time. Something I have never done before, and something that will unfortunately tear my stomach apart; the one chip challenge…

I can only imagine how bad this gonna hurt so stay tuned at some point this season for that video to come out and for all of you to watch my suffering in it. Hopefully this will please the fantasy gods in their endeavors cause things are about to get spicy.

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