How good is Patrick Mahomes? Good enough to absolutely be the number one pick in every single draft thats ever happened (except MAYBE the 2000 draft cause Brady is still kicking somehow). I wanted to take a look at his draft class and do a redo for a while strictly based on how amazing this draft class is. Once again, if you aren’t away or how our company handles disagreements, here’s a picture of Big Cat discussing our policy on disagreements here at TFTB. Note – DRAFT DAY TRADES DO NOT COUNT. This is the order the day before the draft!

1. Cleveland Browns

Original Pick – Myles Garrett, DE (Texas A&M)

New Pick – Patrick Mahomes, QB (Texas Tech)

I can hear Bueno now. “I meeeean yeah, Mahomes is great but we have Myles and still get Baker? I don’t knoooooow” to which I would just laugh. Every single franchise would drop their current best player for Mahomes and I don’t really think it’s close. Now, there’s a chance the Browns somehow ruin Mahomes but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

2. San Francisco 49ers

Original Pick – Mitchell Trubisky, QB (UNC) (BEARS)

New Pick – DeShaun Watson, QB (Clemson)

I bounced back and forth on this selection but when you have a franchise quarterback sitting right there, you take him. I also believe that knowing what they know now they do not make the trade for Jimmy G, opening up the doors for Watson to takeover one of the better situations in the league.

3. Chicago Bears

Original Pick – Solomon Thomas, DE (Stanford) (49ERS)

New Pick – Myles Garrett, DE (Texas A&M)

The Bears miss out on the top two prospects for the Quarterback situation and I still hate me some Mitch Trubisky, so they take the best defensive player in this draft in Garrett. The Bear’s wouldn’t bring in Khalil Mack for another year and may avoid the situation all together if they get Garrett here.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Original Pick – Leonard Fournette, RB (LSU)

New Pick – Christian McCaffrey, RB (Stanford)

The Jags stick true to their original selection of running back but switch it up here with one of the two backs in this class that I would consider absolutely elite playmakers in the NFL today. Christian McCaffrey is an absolute world beater when healthy and although he isn’t the north/south runner that Fournette was, he’s the most dynamic player in the NFL. Hey, maybe they actually reach the Super Bowl with CMC.

5. Tennessee Titans

Original Pick – Corey Davis, WR (Western Michigan)

New Pick – Marshon Lattimore, CB (Ohio State)

A few redrafts I saw here still had the Titans taking a receiver but I’m just not head over heels for this class. There’s 3 elite corners in this class but Lattimore takes the top spot and provides the Titans with an instant #1 corner. Lattimore has been amazing for the Saints in his career and doesn’t miss a beat in Tennessee.

6. New York Jets

Original Pick – Jamal Adams, S (LSU)

New Pick – Alvin Kamara, RB (Tennessee)

I tried not to let what happened in the real world impact my selection here considering the Jets traded Adams to Seattle and he’s still an elite safety, but nothing can convince me that Kamara wouldn’t be a stuf everywhere in the NFL. The Jet’s need playmakers, plain and simple and Kamara is the second best playmaker in this class.

7. Los Angeles Chargers

Original Pick – Mike Williams, WR (Clemson)

New Pick – Jamal Adams, S (LSU)

It really didn’t take too long for adams to wait in the redraft and for good reason. Again, a ton of mocks have the Chargers taking a receiver here and although I don’t hate it, the big issue with the Chargers is health. LA took Derwin James the following season and when healthy you can flip a coin, but Adams provides this defense with a leader.

8. Carolina Panthers

Original Pick – Christian McCaffrey, RB (Stanford)

New Pick – George Kittle, TE (Iowa)

With McCaffrey gone I considered another back here, but this is a very deep RB class. George Kittle was arguably THE diamond in the rough for this draft and one of the best pass catchers in the league. His other big talent? Blocking, something that would help any RB and weak O-Line.

9. Cincinnati Bengals

Original Pick – John Ross, WR (Washington)

New Pick – Marlon Humphrey, CB (Alabama)

The Bengal’s hate John Ross, huh? The speedster almost won himself an Island at the combine and had some flashes of greatness, but we can all admit Ross isn’t a first round pick. Marlon Humphrey honestly could have gone above Lattimore and I wouldn’t have thought twice about it so let’s lock up the bengals secondary with a true #1 corner.

10. Buffalo Bills

Original Pick – Patrick Mahomes, QB (Texas Tech) (CHIEFS)

New Pick – Tre’Davious White, CB (LSU)

The Bills originally sent this pick to the Chiefs so KC could snag Mahomes, but in this draft that trade didn’t happen. The Bills have to snag White a bit earlier than usual, but they still smile as they get the last true #1 corner in this class. Honestly, I think if Buffalo had their pick they would still take Tre’Davious.

11. New Orleans Saints

Original Pick – Marshon Lattimore, CB (Ohio State)

New Pick – T.J. Watt, LB (Wisconsin)

With all of the top tier corners gone let’s just keep adding to that Saints defense with the Pittsburgh Steelers T.J. Watt. The big question with Watt is how effective he can be when not paired with another top tier pass rusher in Bud Dupree but trust me. Cameron Jordan and T.J. watt would be just fine.

12. Cleveland Browns

Original Pick – Deshaun Watson, QB (Clemson) (TEXANS)

New Pick – Dalvin Cook, RB (Florida State)

The Browns have their franchise quarterback in Patrick Mahomes so let’s get him some talent since this is a weak O-Line class. Dalvin Cook took a little bit to become elite in the league, but he was a top two runner this season. I love me some Kareem Hunt, but Cook ran through defenses this season so knowing what we know now, give me Cook.

13. Arizona Cardinals

Original Pick – Haason Reddick, LB (Temple)

New Pick – JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR (USC)

Unfortunatly the Reddick selection wasn’t the wonderful pick we had thought it to be so the Cardinals snag the best receiver in this class in JuJu Smith-Schuster. JuJu has had some concerns recently that are absolute crap and crafted from the indent in a Bob’s Furniture Leather Sofa, but concerns are concerns. that all aside he had been terrific and can learn a lot under Larry Fitzgerald.

14. Philadelphia Eagles

Original Pick – Derek Barnett, DE (Tennessee)

New Pick – Kareem Hunt, RB (Toledo)

I understand that the Philadelphia Eagles love themselves some Sanders, but you just can’t deny how amazing Hunt is when on the field. Derek Darnett has been pretty good up until his injury but securing Hunt in this offense would be amazing.

15. Indianapolis Colts

Original Pick – Malik Hooker, S (Ohio State)

New Pick – Eddie Jackson, S (Alabama)

Although Malik Hooker is an extremely talented safety, Eddie Jackson has been the diamond in the rough in terms of Db’s in this class. The Alabama alum was hurt his last year in college and slipped in the draft but comes in to do exactly what Malik Hooker was meant to do when the Colts drafted him.

16. Baltimore Ravens

Original Pick – Marlon Humphrey, CB (Alabama)

New Pick – Jonathan Allen, DE (Alabama)

Sadly all of the top corners are off the board so the Ravens continue their toughness and ability to draft real leaders by taking Alabama’s leader Jonathan Allen. I loved Allen through this draft and although he had some shoulder concerns and I think he would be the perfect guy to make me hate the Ravens more and more each week.

17. Washington Redskins

Original Pick – Jonathan Allen, DE (Alabama)

New Pick – Ryan Ramczyk, OT (Wisconsin)

This was an extremely poor lineman class but ryan Ramczyk has been the best of 2017. The Washington Football Team needs a lot of things and although they just missed out on their current stud Allen, RR is a nice snag here.

18. Tennessee Titans

Original Pick – Adoree Jackson, CB (USC)

New Pick – Kenny Golladay, WR (Northern Illinois)

I’ve seen a bunch of drafts that have the Titans stick through with a corner back here, but snagging a talent like Golladay here could be a franchise changer. Jackson has been good and is an absolute burner when needed in coverage, but adding Golladay just makes sense here. I can’t wait to see if Kenny G joins a new team this offseason.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Original Pick – O.J. Howard, TE (Alabama)

New Pick – Budda Baker, S (Washington)

Although I don’t categorize O.J. Howard as a complete bust, his first round grade is a few years removed. I love him for blocking purposes and when he’s flashed he’s show potential, but Budda Baker can step in coverage and help this defense instantly. Do I think he deserves big money? Still up for debate, but this Bucs defense needed help.

20. Denver Broncos

Original Pick – Garrett Bolles, OT (Utah)

New Pick – Mitchell Trubisky, QB (UNC)

The Denver Broncos might actually take Bolles here again if they had the chance due to their terribly O-Line, but snagging Trubisky here makes too much sense. The Broncos would love to have Trubisky under center with their issues at the position and he really hasn’t been the worst thing ever. A lot of Trubisky’s hate comes from being drafted ahead of Watson and Mahomes so this draft slot might help his PR a bit.

21. Detroit Lions

Original Pick – Jarrad Davis, LB (Florida)

New Pick – Evan Engram, TE (Ole Miss)

The Lions have given me no proof that they can actually make a tight end work, but Evan Engram is the best in this class in my opinion. Jarrad Davis and Derek Barnett both could have been taken here, but trying to secure another target for Stafford since they won’t get kenny Golladay here has potential.

22. Miami Dolphins

Original Pick – Charles Harris, DE (Missouri)

New Pick – Derek Barnett, DE (Tennessee)

Same position, just a better player. Harris hasn’t been terribly but is no longer with the Dolphins and Barnett has been great for the Eagles aside from his injury. The Dolphins just need talent and I think Barnett fits that well for Miami.

23. New York Giants

Original Pick – Evan Engram, TE (Ole Miss)

New Pick – Malik Hooker, S (Ohio State)

Hopefully with Malik Hooker in New York he avoids the spell of injuries that have plagued him in Indy. The Giants originally took Evan Engram here, a sold tight end who hasn’t quite made the leap anywhere near elite but still a good playmaker. Hooker can add splash plays for this Giants defense, something this team has lacked for years.

24. Oakland Raiders

Original Pick – Gareon Conley, CB (Ohio State)

New Pick – Aaron Jones, RB (UTEP)

Conley hasn’t been the corner the Raiders wanted, so I went with running back Aaron Jones for the Raiders here. Remember, the Bears took Myles garrett earlier in the draft so there’s a belief that they wouldn’t make the blockbuster trade for Khalil Mack next year, meaning they did not get the draft picks needed to snag Josh Jacobs. Yeah, that’s two years from this draft but Aaron Jones has been elite in the NFL.

25. Houston Texans

Original Pick – Jabrill Peppers, S (Michigan) (BROWNS)

New Pick – Adoree’ Jackson, CB (USC)

Adoree’ Jackson couldn’t fall much farther than this so the Texans scoop up a good corner with big play potential on special teams. Man…imagine being the franchise that was SO BAD Deshaun Watson requests a trade. Poor, poor Houston.

26. Seattle Seahawks

Original Pick – Takkarist McKinley, DE (UCLA) (FALCONS)

New Pick – Joe Mixon, RB (Oklahoma State)

I strongly considered Shaquill Griffin here, but considering the pairing of Mixon and Wilson, I just had to do it. Joe Mixon has been an A- back for the Bengals and would honestly be a wonderful piece for Russell Wilson to pair with. Again, there’s a lot that Seattle could do here but give me the playmakers.

27. Kansas City Chiefs

Original Pick – Tre’Davious White, CB (LSU) (BILLS)

New Pick – Tarik Cohen, RB (N.C. A&T)

Think about this for a second. A team with Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and Tarik Cohen? Yes, the Chiefs obviously miss out on Franchise QB Patrick Mahomes here and that’s devastating but if anyone can actually get to Cohen’s greatest form, it’s an Andy Reid offense. Hopefully the Chiefs would be able to wine and dine another quarterback instead of Alex Smith but even with the inability to throw the deep ball this team would be fun to watch.

28. Dallas Cowboys

Original Pick – Taco Charlton, DE (Michigan)

New Pick – Shaquill Griffin, CB (UCF)

I originally had terribly high hopes for Taco Charlton in this draft, but that was so, so wrong. Griffin has been a wonderful bridge between the Legion of Boom and the team that the Seahawks wheel out on defense now. The Cowboys need secondary help basically every year, so snagging Griffin here helps out in an area of need instantly.

29. Green Bay Packers

Original Pick – David Njoku, TE (Miami (FL))

New Pick – Marcus Williams, S (Utah)

The original selection doesn’t help since it was from the Browns but Marcus Williams can fit into this defense and work right away. I know people may be clamoring for a wide receiver here but this season the team had Adams, Cobb and Jordy Nelson so it wasn’t a dire need. They needed a better quarterback than Brett Hundley due to Rodgers collarbone. Give me a safety than can close some of the floodgates in Green Bay.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

Original Pick – T.J. Watt, LB (Wisconsin)

New Pick – Mike Williams, WR (Clemson)

Sadly for Steelers fans everywhere, T.J. Watt would never make it this far in a redraft. Fortunatly though, Mike Williams is here. Williams has had some issues with the Chargers in terms of consistant production, but pairing him with Antonio Brown and putting him into similar situations as JuJu (not by route, but by production need) Williams should hold his own. Imagine a team with Mike Williams and Chase Claypool? Twin Towers.

31. Atlanta Falcons

Original Pick – Reuben Foster, LB (Alabama) (49ERS)

New Pick – Garrett Bolles, OT (Utah)

The Falcons snag the last good tackle with Garrett Bolles here, helping Matt Ryan giving him more time to not throw the ball to Julio in the end zone. I thought about dawkins here, but tackle almost always carries more weight to me.

32. New Orleans Saints

Original Pick – Ryan Ramczyk, OT (Wisconsin)

New Pick – Corey Davis, WR (W. Michigan)

There’s a million players that could go here but with the season Corey Davis just had, there’s still a high ceiling fo rthis receiver. The Saints happily bring in a receiver who can shine when needed which helps Drew Brees get over the hump and win back to back Super Bowls before Brees retirement.

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