Jake Paul Announces Next Fight

Yes, this is real.

As some of you may know, Jake Paul is a YouTuber who begs and thirsts for attention by being arguably the most annoying person on the internet. If that is his main goal and how he wants to get attention, then he has it because holy shit does this guy suck.

He and his brother Logan have taken up boxing in the last few years and have had a handful of bouts already. Most recently being Jake’s fight with former NBA star Nate Robinson which he won by knockout.

This spotlight leach was calling out Conor McGregor on social media a few weeks ago and blatantly disrespecting him while challenging him to an exhibition.

Then he trolled Conor after his loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257. Nothing came of it, but the UFC did not like this human butt plug calling out one of their own from the stand point of a C list celebrity and amateur boxer. He has called out a slew of people, but the UFC has taken his weak threat to heart.

Many were wondering who from the UFC would answer the call, and step into the ring with this giant douche. Well we have our answer, another giant douche in Ben Askren. Some of you may know Askren most famously from being on the sleeping end of the fastest knockout in UFC history recorded at roughly 5 seconds courtesy of the knee of Jorge Masvidal.

From the outside looking in, Askren was a champion wrestler and then converted to the UFC. So traditionally, boxing is not necessarily a strong suit for Askren which is why I am thoroughly surprised that he of all people took the fight, but money talks right?

Many pure UFC fans and simply anyone who hates Jake Paul, is very happy to see this come to fruition. Jake Paul is solely a boxer in terms of fighting and Askren is not. But I give Askren the upper hand here. The fight will be an 8 round exhibition on April 17th, 2021 at a location that will later be announced.

My last note is to the waste of space named Jake Paul. You call out all of these UFC fighters to compete with you in a different sport. Why would you confront LeBron James saying he’s a terrible athlete and challenge him to a tennis match, right? Fight these men in THEIR sport. Step in the octagon if you’re this “ballsy” child who can take on anyone. Fighting and Boxing are two different things and you sure as hell couldn’t hang in an eight walled cage. And if you decide to, THAT will be when the rest of the world considers giving you respect.

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