Quack Quack Quack

It’s finally here. The trailer for the new Disney + Mighty Ducks Movie.

If this didn’t hit you right in the feels you’re a cold hearted person and I don’t want to be friends with you. How can you not get choked up as a pudgey try hard gets cut by Riley of letterkenny from a peewee hockey team. The hockey team he is getting cut from looks to be The Ducks as now some 30 odd years later the formally District 5 team has turned into what they hated. This traumatizing event in a young player’s life forces him and his ragtag group of friends to go looking for a new place to play the game they love. Their search lands them at an old abandoned barn where the lonely caretaker is none other than Minnesota Miracle Man, Gordon Bombay.

I think most of us die hard Ducks fans would tell you the original trilogy was perfect. D1 flawless amazing perfect.

D2 brings back your favorite characters and adds a couple new ones. We get some of the most memorable lines from the Duck’s trilogy. “He’s fancy he’ll go glove”, “Let’s go shake their hands”, “Two minutes for lassoing” “Good game captain duck”. Just everything about Gunnar Stahl.

Then most people stopped watching the series but diehards stayed on for the third installment D3. Where we see Charlie and the gang get recruited to be the JV team at a prep school. We also go through the heart break of watching our favorite team navigate a hockey season without Gordon Bombay for the first time.

The movie is slept on and truly does a brilliant job of wrapping up the series.

So now you have to wonder. What happened to the Minnesota Miracle Man? Why is he fat with a shitty beard fixing a broken down Zamboni? Where is Charlie, did he make the show? How about Adam Bank, Julie The Cat Gaffney, Fulton Reed, did Connie and Guy tie the knot? This movie may not give us the answers to these questions.

I think what it looks to do is breathe new life into one of Disney’s under appreciated franchises. I also think it will give us a good addiction to Ducks cannon. 

At the end of the day I don’t know whether it matters if this movie is as good as the old ones as long as it harks back to the lessons we learned from Hans all those years ago. 

Ducks Fly Together.

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