J.J. Watt Apologies to Deshaun Watson…because Duh

I’ve had this discussion so many times already and it’s not even technically the off season, but if I was a future Head Coach or General Manager I wouldn’t touch the Houston Texans with a ten foot pole. They had no first round pick last season and no first or second round pick in 2021 with a team that all but consists of literally two players in Deshaun Watson and J.J. Watt.

Today I stumbled across this beaut.

The Houston Texans are absolutely cursed and I can’t even blame Ol’ B.O.B. for the entire saga which dates back to literally wasting away one of the more promising college players we’ve seen in David Carr, one of the most electric running back’s in Arian Foster and honestly one of my favorite receivers ever in Andre Johnson. I mean, how dope is Andre Johnson?

All in all, I would more likely take every open job in the NFL than the
Texans gig despite having actually studs. Yes, the Texans have a great QB but their
skill position players leave a LOT to be desired. David Johnson turned it on
towards the end of the season and I love me some Brandin Cooks but the loss of
DeAndre Hopkins is massive and the fact that Will Fuller is a FA could come
back to bite the Hop trade in the ass. My big confusion with the David Johnson
trade is yes, he was elite a few years (and a couple injuries) before but
running backs are one of the more replicable positions in the NFL. Look no
further than Miami who led a random group of backs this year and were successful.

Back to this conversation with Watt and Watson. Man that just brings me pure
sadness every time I watch. Watt was just in the media for ripping his
teammates for not trying and honestly, good.

Man, just cut Watt and Watson please. I would LOVE to see them both on, I don’t know, a respectable franchise? Imagine Deshaun Watson with an actual team, with real weapons (not JUST Hopkins, I love Hopkins so shut up) and Watt with a team that could actually play in the Super Bowl.

Whoever heads to Houston has quite the uphill battle in front of them to try to rebuild this team. I will say they still have one of the cooler logos in the league for no good reason at all. So basic, yet so glorious.

Anyone’s better than B.O.B. thought right?

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