Start’ Em Sit’ Em Wide Receivers – Week 14


Start of the Week –

Robby Anderson vs Denver Broncos

You might look at this matchup and wonder why Anderson is the start of the week despite the Broncos being in the top ten defending against wide receivers. Truth be told, wideouts score a bunch of touchdowns against the Broncos and their receivers will be depleted because of COVID. Anderson will be Bridgewater’ stop target so it is worth a shot in my books!

T.Y. Hilton vs Las Vegas Raiders

Hilton finally learned how to become a wide receiver again. He has two weeks of back-back scores and back-back double digit points. He is a wonderful play against the Las Vegas Raiders. Their defense has allowed 14 total total touchdowns to wideouts. Look for him to score plenty in this one!

Corey Davis vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Corey Davis’s year has been exhilarating as he finally is starting to prove he deserves a big contract. He almost had 200 yards last weekend against the Browns, and he if a dandy play in hand when the Titans take on the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend. Their defense has given up the sixth most points against receivers. Start him this week!

Jamison Crowder vs Seattle Seahawks

Crowder came back alive since his touchdown streak was snapped in week nine. He scored two here against the Raiders, and we should see a similar ideology happen if Sam Darnold wants to move the ball downfield or not. The Seahawks have allowed the most points to wide receivers, so bad play or not, Crowder is worth a look.

Antonio Brown vs Minnesota Vikings

Antonio Brown jumps back onto this list as he and the Buccaneers look to go ahead with their matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. Brown in particular could see an increase in snaps and targets if Chris Godwin can’t go because of his finger. The matchup is great as well since the Vikings are ranked 29th against the wide receiver position.


Marvin Jones vs Green Bay Packers

D.J. Chark vs Tennessee Titans

Cole Beasley vs Pittsburgh Steelers


Sit of the Week –

JuJu Smith-Schuster vs Buffalo Bills

JuJu’s value this year was slimming, but growing in recent weeks. However, a majority of the reason why he was getting so many fantasy points was because he was getting about ten targets a game. If the team wants to go with a more run based option, then Smith-Schuster will likely see a down in points as I believe Johnson and Claypool are coming out of their own as the main receivers of the group.

DeVante Parker vs Kansas City Chiefs

Parker is hands down the best receiver on the Dolphins team. He does face a great defense this weekend though when they Dolphins take on the Chiefs. They are ranked 2nd in the NFL against defending the wide receiver position. Keep him sidelined this weekend.

Jarvis Landry vs Baltimore Ravens

Landry has come alive in the past two weeks with 30 some points against the Jaguars and 20 some points against the Titans. Now, he faces a much defense in the form of the Baltimore Ravens. Could he get lose and create some damage to opposing owners. Absolutely, but it all relies on how the quarterback performs. If Baker can’t get the ball off to him, it will be a wasted effort of points not scored.

Brandin Cooks vs Chicago Bears

Cooks is tending to almost a concussion which we have established how detrimental that could be to Cooks who has had quite a few in his career. So it will be worth monitoring especially when they go up against the Bears. Their defense might not seem that scary anymore, but they are good at defending against wide receivers. They are ranked 4th in the NFL at it.

Brandon Aiyuk vs Washington Football Team

Aiyuk is a wonderful player as the rookie as done a good amount of fantasy football owners proud with his work and skill. However, he faces a Washington Football Team who isn’t very nice to wideouts. In fact, they are the third best at defending against wide receivers in the NFL. Might be hard not to start him, but understand the point given to you people.


Jakobi Meyers vs Los Angeles Rams

Jerry Jeudy vs Carolina Panthers

Nelson Agholor vs Indianapolis Colts

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