Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 6


Start of the Week –

Matt Stafford vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Stafford is coming off a bye week and has a date with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Their defense has been suspect allowing 11 touchdowns through the air this season, and has given up the seventh most fantasy points to quarterbacks this season. Coming off of a bye should also help him as well.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Cleveland Browns

Big Ben found Chase Claypool three times in the end zone last week, and walked away with the victory and some solid fantasy points. Now he faces a Cleveland Browns team that has been giving people headaches with how they have been playing. However, I have big faith in Big Ben and how bad this Cleveland secondary has been.

Cam Newton vs Denver Broncos

Of course this all depends on if Newton tests negative for COVID. If he ends up testing negative, then he has an intriguing matchup with the Denver Broncos this week. Denver has allowed more than 21 fantasy points to quarterbacks this year. If Sam Darnold can get over 20 points then Newton should do just fine.

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs New York Jets

Well Fitzpatrick pulled out a shocker with a huge 30 point performance against the 49ers. I think he might get close to that number again with a match against one of his former teams; The New York Jets. They have been awful against quarterbacks. Expect Fitzpatrick to go off again!

Kirk Cousins vs Atlanta Falcons

Putting Cousins on here is risky after he played Seattle with little points to show for it. However, Minnesota plays Atlanta, and I know sometimes when you fire a coach and a GM, there is a little hope that the team can turn it around. This defense is bad though, so hopefully Cousins can get a grip against a watered down defense.


Jared Goff vs San Francisco 49ers

Gardner Minshew vs Detroit Lions

Andy Dalton vs Arizona Cardinals


Sit of the Week

Carson Wentz vs Baltimore Ravens

Wentz had some garbage time plays going on in this game and he was lucky the Steelers let him hang around a but, but Wentz still had a bad game in my mind. He still has more interceptions than touchdowns this season (nine), and now he goes from one AFC North giant to another in the Ravens. They have allowed the second-fewest points to quarterbacks this season, and Wentz is far from favorable.

Tom Brady vs Green Bay Packers

Old Man Tom had trouble remembering it was 4th down huh? Mistakes are being made by Brady, but his team isn’t helping that much either with all the penalties. However, he doesn’t have a good matchup this week against the Packers. Their defense has allowed only seven touchdowns this season. That is second in the NFL.

Baker Mayfield vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The Browns are doing great this year, and that’s nice and all, but Baker is not the reason why. In fact, he is far from it. The run game and receivers are the real stars here, and Baker is just being hidden. Expect the lights to come on and for Baker to get exposed in this AFC North matchup.

Joe Burrow vs Indianapolis Colts

Last week, Burrow got a reality check when he got clobbered by the Ravens defense. Now, there is no time table on A.J. Green, and we saw how bad that offensive line really is. I do feel for Burrow who aside from this game has been great for a rookie in a bad system. Going up against the Colts scares me this week, so if you have been rotating quarterbacks , this might be the time to rotate Burrow to the bench.

Teddy Bridgewater vs Chicago Bears

Teddy did just as good as I said he would last week against Atlanta putting up over 20 fantasy points. However, the matchup this week is against the Chicago Bears, and their defense has been tough on quarterbacks. Their defense has only allowed four touchdown passes and just an average of less than 12 points per game to the position. No thank you.


Jimmy Garoppolo vs Los Angeles Rams

Philip Rivers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Nick Foles vs Carolina Panthers

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