Start’ Em Sit’ Em Running Backs – Week 6


Start of the Week –

David Montgomery vs Carolina Panthers

David Montgomery has had an up and down season this year with Chicago. He should thrive this weekend against the Carolina Panthers. While opposing quarterbacks have trouble in Carolina, running backs succeed. Carolina has given up the most points to running backs this season along with nine rushing touchdowns. Great play for Montgomery this weekend.

Raheem Mostert vs Los Angeles Rams

Mostert did well against the Dolphins before they had to game script and abandon the run. I think this game might be a bit closer and will allow the speed of Mostert to flourish against the Rams. It’s a bit of a gamble based on how the 49ers played last weekend, but I’m a betting man and I’m putting my chips on the table.

James Robinson vs Detroit Lions

Robinson put up his worst stat of the year against the Houston Texans. I firmly believe he bounces back from his weird fumble filled game last weekend. He faces the Detroit Lions this week. They have allowed the fourth most fantasy points to opposing running backs. If the game doesn’t get away from them, Robinson could be a great play this week.

Alexander Mattison vs Atlanta Falcons

Mattison is a huge play this weekend with Dalvin Cook likely to be ruled out and on the sideline with a groin issue. Mattison’s pass catch ability will be a huge boost against one of the worst defenses in the Atlanta Falcons. Six rushing touchdowns have made their way against the Falcons as well as the sixth most points to enemy running backs. If Mattison is on your waiver wire, pick him up now.

Devin Singletary vs Kansas City Chiefs

Singletary wasn’t very impactful against the Titans, but you could blame that on them being down by so many points that they had to switch from running to throwing the ball more. He should be an attractive option for Monday’s game against the Chiefs. The important factor is that the Chiefs give up the fifth most fantasy points to receiving backs which is what Singletary is very good at.


Kareem Hunt vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Antonio Gibson vs New York Giants

Myles Gaskin vs New York Jets


Sit of the Week –

Joe Mixon vs Indianapolis Colts

It seems Mixon got back on the struggle bus against the Baltimore Ravens after his breakout game in Week 4. I see him having more issues against the Indianapolis Colts. Their defense has been pretty good. The only thing I see in a positive stance for Mixon might be in Philip Rivers making mistakes that give up field position for the Bengals. I just wouldn’t trust that though.

David Johnson vs Tennessee Titans

David Johnson didn’t do terrible against the Jaguars, but it wasn’t what we expected after Joe Mixon tore them apart the week prior. Now he goes up against the Titans who pretty much made Devin Singletary a non-factor in that game. I imagine they’ll treat David Johnson the same way.

Mark Ingram vs Philadelphia Eagles

It’s just the same old thing with Ingram. You just cannot trust the usage that all of these running backs are going to get. This is especially true when nine times out of ten, Lamar Jackson is your leading rusher. Until something great happens with Ingram, it just isn’t worth a main start. Flex at the very least and that is being generous.

D’Andre Swift vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Swift seems to always find himself on this list, and honestly he gets a touchdown a lot of times. The problem is that they are pretty much sold on Adrian Peterson being the starting back. He just doesn’t get the amount of carries he needs. Instead they use him as more of a pass option for Stafford on third down. I just don’t trust that against Jacksonville this weekend.

Damien Harris vs Denver Broncos

Harris proved to be a shining light against Kansas City with 100 yards on the ground on 17 carries. I don’t believe this lasts though. You cannot trust New England’s rushing system. Along with Harris, you have James White, Rex Burkhead, and Sony Michel. It is impossible to determine how that will go this week.


Leonard Fournette vs Green Bay Packers

Cam Akers vs San Francisco 49ers

Frank Gore vs Miami Dolphins

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