From Whom The Bell Tolls; 5 Teams For Le’Veon Bell!

Well, we all knew this was coming at some point didn’t we? It just seems no matter what he does, Adam Gase ruins talent and pushes people away from having great careers when they are coached by him. Bell was no exception.

Gase didn’t want Bell from the start, and he thought they paid too much money for him anyway. So his natural response was to make it as miserable there for Bell as he possibly could.

He signed Frank Gore, and got a running back committee going, he had attitude with Bell’s character, and he even let him go back in Week One’s game against the Buffalo Bills after injuring his hamstring. He landed on the IR until last week against the Cardinals, but even then he was barely used in that game.

The fact that Bell went through this makes you realize how much of an idiot Gase was as a coach. He did the same thing with Lamar Miller and Kenyan Drake as well. It’s awful to see the mismanagement of someone like Bell, but he was released and is looking for a new team. I’ve come up with five and I’d like to share them with you!


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs certainly have some running room with Ronald Jones, Leonard Fournette, and LeSean McCoy, but things aren’t going as great as you’d think. Fournette can’t stay healthy, and Ronald Jones has had some issues with fumbling. McCoy is virtually obsolete unless it’s 3rd down, but he doesn’t really do much. Adding a guy like Bell could really help this out running back room out and give Brady another target to throw to as well.


Pittsburgh Steelers

You knew this was coming. Some people are interested in a Le’Veon Bell and Pittsburgh Steelers reunion. While it would be interesting, my cousin Derrik brought up a good point. If things ended badly between two people, and not only did things sour, but now you have the chance to get back together…don’t. Bell is the Steelers’ ex and that is how it should stay. However, a lot of people think otherwise.


New England Patriots

New England is infamous for having a lot of running backs for their quarterback to work with. While White, Burkhead, and Michel are good, Le’Veon Bell can be that perfect combination of every back and be a great insurance policy for Cam Newton. overall, I would not put it past Coach Bill to shy away from this opportunity.


Chicago Bears

Tarik Cohen is out for the year. David Montgomery is decent. Bell could be very very good in Chicago’s system. In my personal opinion, this might be the most obvious answer to Bell’s free agency problem. He could provide a very good option for Nick Foles to rely on for the run, and for a good security blanket for this offense.


Miami Dolphins

Miami’s run game is such a weird and complicated mess that three running backs; Howard, Breida, and Gaskins. I can promise you this. Le’Veon Bell is better than all of those running backs. Not only that, but you sign him to like a two-year deal, and Bell gets to help Tua out next year in the run and pass game. In my mind, this isn’t everybody’s most obvious choice, but it is mine.

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