TFTB Madden League Presents Knock Hards: The Cleveland Browns Story (Week 15)

The Cleveland Browns traveled to the desert to battle the undefeated Arizona Cardinals and General Manager Deke. With playoff hopes still on the horizon, the Browns hoped to break the Cardinals winning streak. However, they were unsuccessful as they lost 73-23.

Sure the score wasn’t close (at all), but wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and DeAndre Hopkins put on a show! Beckham Jr finished the game with 227 receiving yards and 1 touchdown, averaging 37.8 yards on each reception. While DeAndre Hopkins took the phrase “anything you can do, I can do better” to a whole new level. Hopkins finished the game with 187 total receiving yards, averaging 20.8 yards per catch and registering 4 touchdowns.

Quarterback Baker Mayfield had a below average day throwing 13 for 19 with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. His 68% completion rate and lost fumble after a huge run was good enough for him to get sidelined in the fourth quarter. As always Nathan Peterman was happy to get the call, and continued Baker’s struggles by throwing an interception of his own.

As for the Cardinals quarterback, Kyler Murray had one heck of game going 15 for 16 with 348 passing yards and 4 touchdowns. The dominant Browns defense was invisible again out there, and they need to get back to top level performance if they want any shot at a playoff run.

Despite their poor effort on the field, the Browns did make history during the game. The Browns made history by completing their first successful onside kick attempt of the season. Sure the game was already out of hand, but it was definitely a cool sight to see.

Honestly, the Browns were doomed from the start in this one. Do they win and ruin the perfect season of Madden Commish and TFTB’s President Deke? Or take the loss and stay on Deke’s good side? I’m not going to say the choice was obvious but.. I mean.. you get it.

The Browns look to keep their playoff dreams alive as they face the Baltimore Ravens (CJR1688) in Week 16. Anything would be an improvement from their previous matchup of the season when the Browns lost 80-22. Pray for a Browns upset, please!

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