Ranking the 2020 Fantasy Quarterbacks

Miss me?

Fantasy Football is…most likely not going to happen the way we know and love with a number of players (only two agruably fantasy relevant so far) but there is still hope! The NFL has a plan in place and it seems teams will be ready to go come the NFL season, my only real reservations are the lack of study time for new recruits and rookies as well as the everlasting worry that the league will start and just flat out stop due to one team getting COVID-19. Alas, my rankings must go on.

I’m only doing 32 quarterbacks because *SPOILER ALERT* there are only 32 teams, so if you really have to play a QB who isn’t a starter one week, I just don’t believe there’s anything I can do for your team.

1. Patrick Mahomes

This one just flat out can’t be a surprise, right? Mahomes is one a historic streak lately, winning MVP two years ago and following it up with a Super Bowl win and the largest contract an NFL player has ever received weighing in at half a billy. Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce are both back, as well as the brand new running back in CEH. Mahomes over everybody, just know he’ll be gone EARLY in your draft.

2. Lamar Jackson

The cry from the rafters is “DoWn YeAr”, but I love what the Baltimore Ravens have done to make sure the reigning MVP is set up for success in the future. A great offensive line, a solid RB room, a young group of receivers and a scheme fit for one of the most talented QB’s we’ve seen in recent memory. I love Jackson this year but be aware, he’ll also be gone early.

3. Dak Prescott

I’ll never to this day understand the Dak Slander tossed across the league. Dak has been nothing short of unbelievable as the Cowboys starting quarterback and only scores points, plain and simply. On paper, we’re looking at the best team in the league on both sides of the ball with a top 2 running back, a top 10 receiver, one of the best rookies in the recent draft and a brand new head coach who I promise knows how to work this offense.

4. Deshaun Watson

How, in all seriousness, do you not just love this guy. I despise BoB ruining this franchise, but I formally believe Watson will always be a top 5 fantasy play even without Hopkins. The kid is a baller and has the rushing ability to back it up. The addition of David Johnson should do wonders for Watson without completely taking away his running ability.

5. Russell Wilson

Wilson just wins. It’s super simple. The guy is a fantasy machine, and with D.K. Metcalf now in the lineup I don’t see Wilson leaving my top five for a while. I love the addition of Adams for the Seahawks defense which should, in some way/shape/form, help the offense get the ball more. Yippiee, more points!

6. Kyler Murray

I’ll admit, I’m not as high as many people on Murray but 6th place is still extremely high just based on my own reservations. Murray is a baller who gets as many points through the air as his own legs in one of the leagues most fast paced offenses. I love the addition of Kenyan Drake from last year and Hopkins this year, I just hold on to hope that Kliff Kingsbury (and that terrible O-line) just don’t shit the bed on this teams potential.

7. Josh Allen

I am SUPER high on Allen this season…like, SUPER high. Josh Allen has balled recently for the Bills and has shown his ability to rush out of the pocket when needed. Singletary should add in a better run game for the Bills in his second season and the addition of Diggs from Minnesota will only help rise Allen to an easy top 10 finish come the end of the season. Do….do I hear very low whispers of an MVP chant in the wind?

8. Drew Brees

One. Last. Season. Maybe. Brees is just in too good of a situation for me to not absolutely love the guy come fantasy season. I love Drew for fantasy because well…he isn’t really a sexy pick. He doesn’t rush a lot, but he has a top 3 receiver and a top 5 fantasy backfield. Add those two together with a quality line and Sanders on the roster now, I just continue to stan Brees until he hangs them up.

9. Carson Wentz

Let’s play a game…because that’s one more game than I feel like Wentz will make it through without being injured this year. His injuries really aren’t anything that’s “his” fault, but the true story is if you grab Wentz, get a backup. I love the kid and he made it into the top 10 on his talent alone. I don’t like the Eagles skill position players passed Ertz despite the major love for Sanders coming into this season. I don’t hate Sanders, I just want to see more before I crown him the best RB ever.

10. Aaron Rodgers

How on God’s green earth is Aaron Rodgers this far down the list? Because for one I feel like he’s going to explode (for better or for worse) this season with the Pacjers taking a quarterback in the first round. I really love Rodgers this year and from the looks of some mocks, you can get him in the later rounds finally. Last year in LaFluer’s new offense the running game was finally there for Green Bay but in all seriousness, they need another weapon.

11. Matt Ryan

Matty Ice gets no respect in the fantasy realm and it’s probably because the dude is just vanilla…vanilla, with a MOUND of your favorite candy bar sprinkled on top thanks to Julio Jones. I love the Falcons offense this season with the addition of Gurley and the rise of Calvin Ridley and if I love all three of them for Fantasy purposes, I have to like the QB. Matt Ryan is a cheap option that should see 4.5k yards this year easily in that offense.

12. Tom Brady

I went back and forth…then back again…and then forth on where to rank TB12. Personally, I have only had Brady one season in my 8 year run at fantasy sports and even then I just didn’t love it. I do love however, the skill position players around Brady in Tampa. He now has 2 top 10 fantasy options at receiver, a nice mix at thre RB positon and two tight ends in Gronk and Howard who can thrive under Brady. I love the offense he’s stepping into and I do believe Tom Brady will be a QB1 by the end of the year for fantasy…it’s just not a sexy pick. Meh.

13. Matthew Stafford

Matt Stafford has always been, and always will be just the QB I put so much faith to be disappointed. In his defense, it’s arguably never his fault either. The Lions have just been poopy in recent memory, but I do believe the skill position players have increased greatly. Kenny G, Hock, Swift and Johnson are all wonderful weapons for Stafford as he tries to outthrow every single team in the history books week in and week out.

14. Ryan Tannehill

I still am not drafting Tannehill, but he deserves to be here based on the way he finished the season. A.J. Brown and Derrick Henry both paved the way for Tanny to be relevant again, I just don’t believe what the Titans created last year will easily be reachable again. Tannehill has been fantasy relevant in the past and he finished the season as the leagues second hottest QB, so he’s earned his spot here. I just won’t be drafting him.

15. Cam Newton

Newton is a rising star in the fantasy world, it just depends on what Bill does with the offense in New England. There’s simply no denying how amazing Newton can be when it comes to fantasy football but with a decrease in weapons from Carolina and a number of injury questions, I don’t blame you for having your reservations about Cam. To me, Cam is my second QB I’m targeting for the end of my bench. Cam will be successful in New England, it just varies if that success will transfer over to Fantasy.

16. Ben Roethlisberger

Super, Super, SUPER high on the list for what has happened to Ben lately, but when healthy he’s one of the best arms in the league easily. The Steelers have a ton of skill position players who are just waiting for Ben to be back to break out. If Ben can stay healthy, I see no reason he can’t crack the top 12 in QB’s…that’s just a very daunting IF. VERY daunting If. Big If guy.

17. Jared Goff

Goff just isn’t sexy for me, but the Rams always seem to find a way to make him relevant. Cooper Kupp should see an increase in his work load thanks to the departure of Brandin Cooks and I love me some Van Jefferson and Bobbie Woods, but Goff is just a pocket passer with insane touch, plain and simple. Don’t draft Goff assuming he’ll win you a league, but the Rams QB should be a nice fill in player depending on his matchup.

18. Baker Mayfield

Baker Baker Depression Maker. I would love nothing more than to rank Baker higher, but there are just a million variables we don’t have the answers to just yet. Yes, the skill position players in Cleveland are arguably top tier, but Baker jsut doesn’t seem to be getting it done from a fantasy perspective. When the kids on, hes electric. When the teams off however, it’s just a dumpster fire. I’d argue that a of their struggles came from coaching, but the QB is the QB man…and Baker just isn’t it for me this year.

19. Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones is as vanilla as they come, but I actually like Jones for the “QB in the last round” approach to redraft. I believe the next 6 quarterbacks are all worthy starters on a team with this approach, with Jones arguably leading that pack. The Giants have skill players and an improving o-line, I just dont trust the giants as a whole to do more than disappoint. Plain and simple.

20. Kirk Cousins

Low key Vikings fans did Kirk DIRTY with this one. I love Kirk and the guy has had his best years recently despite most of his “fame” coming from his years in Washington. The Vikings lost Diggs to the Bills and will rely heavily on rookie Justin Jefferson to take over that work load. Cousins is a great flyer option this season, but meh as your starter.

21. Jimmy Garoppolo

Man…the sexy man himself isn’t thought too highly from a fantasy God’s perspective, but let me explain why. Deebo is on the injured list, the team recently lost Sanders to the Saints and if you watched a single second of any 49ers game last season, you know they run the rock. This isn’t so much an indictment on Jimmy G’s abilities, it’s just that’s what his team does.

22. Philip Rivers

Steeeeeely Phil in a new city is a site for sore eyes after the Chargers literally wasted his entire existence. Yes, Rivers is a HOF’er. Just wanted to add that. I honestly love Rivers in the Colts offense, his just large lack of running ability and love for turning the ball over may be his downfall fantasy wise. I believe Rivers will end the season much higher on this list and will be a great fill in when needed, but I’d let him prove it before signing him.

23. Drew Lock

Lock is a big favorite for Dark Horse player of the year with the work the Broncos front office has done adding in some top tier talent. Sutton, Fant, Gordon, Lindsey, Albert-O, Jeudy….man do I love this squad. Lock has a lot to prove with this roster and finished the season strong, I just need something to happen for me to put him any higher on this list right now. Good QB for the future, may break out this year.

24. Joe Burrow

Honestly, I love Burrow this season in Cincy. The kid is coming off the greatest season in college sports we’ve ever seen to a team that still has some veteran talent around him. Tyler Boyd is a WR2, A.J. Green could potentially still be a WR1, Tee Higgins is their big man of the future and not to even mention Joe Mixon and their run game. I personally love Burrows, I just don’t know exactly where he’ll fit in redraft formats.

25. Teddy Bridgewater

Let me start off by saying I am SO GLAD Teddy B is back playing football as a starting QB. The devastating injury in Minnestoa made me think he would never get the chance again and even though I don’t know how I feel about him in Carolina, I’m just glad he’s starting. Moore and CmC should benefit Bridgewater, but until he can either A) command that offense (which he should be able to) or B) toss bombs over the top to Robby Anderson (which he should be able to) I just don’t think he’s near draftable.

26. Tyrod Taylor

…there weren’t any Tyrod gifs.

Let the record show I love Tyrod, just sadly it’s been too long since he was fantasy relevant. In Buffalo the guy was solid, went to Cleveland to die (that’s what Cleveland is there for) and then signed a backup role in LA with the Chargers. The team just drafted Oregon’s Justin Herbert in this years draft, so Tyrod’s reign at QB won’t last long. He’s a situational flyer option with no redraft value currently, at least until we see more of the offense with him as the starter.

27. Gardner Minshew

Nothing, and I mean nothing would make me happier than Garnder being super duper fantasy relevant this season but I just don’t see it with the way the Jags have handled the offseason. Minshew is an NFL starter and handled last season extremely well, I just don’t see value currently for him in redraft formats. Shenault Jr. joining the lineup should give the mustached wonder a nice new target, but they want to tank.

28. Derek Carr

Man, how the mighty have fallen. I love me some Derek Carr but I just don’t know about his value currently, at least until I see what that offense looks like in a new city with a new weapon in Ruggs. Carr could be a nice bye week or injury filler, but that’s it.

29. Sam Darnold

I do not believe the Jets are fantasy relevant passed Bell while Adam Gase is the head coach and it’s just that simple for me. I think Darnold is an amazing talent for the real game who will lead his team each week, I just don’t think he has any redraft value currently. The receivers there are a hoshposh of randomness that I just don’t trust at all. Darnold’s talent is high, his fantasy value not so much.

30. Dwayne Haskins

I feel the same way about Haskins as I do Darnold. This kid has amazing upside, he is just dropped into a situation of unknown questions. The Washington Football Team has some skill players, but I still don’t know who their lead back is and the o-line has some kinks with the loss of Williams. Until I see the offense, I’m only getting Haskins in Dynasty leagues.

31. Ryan Fitzpatrick

The ultimate bye week fill in this year might just be Fitzmagic for the simple reasoning that…he’s just wonderful. I think Tua sees the field this year after being medically cleared to fully play but who knows when that will happen. Fitz finished the year as the Dolphins lead rusher which is HYSTERICAL to me. I don’t see him having the same success this year however.

32. The Chicago Bears Quarterback

I mean, we all fully expect Nick Foles to beat our Mitch Trubisky right? Either way, the Chicago Bear’s Quarterback is the last player on my list. I love David Montgomery and Allen Robinson, I just flat out do not know who to trust and want nothing to do with this situation. The offense is fun, the skill players are above average, the quarterbacks are painful. Avoid avoid avoid.

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