The Astros Are The Worst Part Of Sports

I would like to start right here…I told all of the “BaSeBaLl PuReStS” that the Assholes would ABSOLUTELY still get tossed at still even with a global pandemic occuring, and they should be. If you’ve lived under a rock, here’s the Asterisks cheating scandal in a nutshell.

They relayed pitches to their batters by banging on a trash can and won a World Series off of it. Badaboom. Easy peasy.

Last night, Joe Kelly rose to cult fame by not only pitching at Carlos Correa and then preceding to strike out the Astors player, finishing the first step of the altercation with a good ol fashion “you gotta cheat to hit it” quote which, if you listen hard enough, you can hear Kershaw giggling with joy over.

After the strike out, Kelly continute to rise to MVP level of Deke fandom with this face.


The best face of them all, the “AWE, ARE YOU GONNA CRY ABOUT IT” look that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, hates. And Correa deserved it.

For the record, I know Greg is going to hate the stance behind this blog. I hate the Astros, I wouldn’t even let them get an at bat for the first game against them. Pelt, Pelt, Pelt. And, for the record I was right and Greg was wrong. I can’t just let that one slide boys and girls.

Joe Kelly has been nominated for the Deke Hall of Fame. Welcome, legend.

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