Ninja Heads to YouTube

It starts with the downfall of the streaming platform Mixer…

Then, a random tweet…

And finally, the announcement…err, lack there of I suppose.

Which is super upsetting considering Tyler “Ninja” Blevin’s flair for the dramatic.

Alas, the man who broke the streaming world from within has decided to take his talents to youtube Gaming, a progressive platform that has been snatching talent left and right.

For the record, no “formal” deal has been struck between the two sides but we can assume from todays stream that YouTube is absolutely in the mix for a long term deal.

100 Thieves members CourageJD and (the love of my life) Valkyrae have already made the major jump and have found success on YouTube, the latter being one of Ninja’s original Fortnite partners during his rise to fame.

Personally, I love the move. I love that even after hitting his “peak” of fame, Tyler continues to move forward through the envy and tocix environments he has faced, which yes most of the time he brings on himself. Hate the kid all you want, but damn if he isn’t a trailblazer.

All the bullshit aside, it was either YouTube or a new platform as Blevins had already severed his ties with the streaming giant that is Twitch.

Hopefully Ninja can continue to succeed and if not, I’m pretty sure the 30 million dollars he earned in his original move to Mixer will somehow help console the streaming giant.


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