Why Jorge Masvidal Stepping in at UFC 251 is a BIG Deal

This past week it was announced that Gilbert Burns was ruled out for a fight against Kamara Usman (division champion).

With just 7 days notice, Jorge “Gamebread” Masvidal has stepped to the plate and accepted the fight as a replacement.

Seeing as he was going to be next in line anyway, it doesn’t come as much surprise.

It proves him to be a straight up GANGSTER for taking on the dominant division champion with less than a week to prepare and the timing is crazy. I truly think if anyone stands a chance against Usman, especially under the circumstances, it’s Masvidal.

Now Kamara Usman is an absolute animal.

He is one of the most dominant fighters the sport has ever seen. He is going to be the toughest test Masvidal has ever faced, but I think Masvidal might just be that for Usman too.

Masvidal and Usman have had public altercations before despite working out of the same gym.

These guys were heated and ready to go right then and there. They’ll finally have that opportunity at fight island this Saturday for UFC 251.

Masvidal is on a hot streak after defeating Nate Diaz and prior to that, landing the fastest knockout in UFC history on Ben Askren in 5 seconds at UFC 239.

The guy is vicious and technical. He and Usman’s fight styles will counteract nicely.

I think this could be one of the best fights we’ve ever seen. It makes me extremely excited to see what will go down and if Masvidal will finally obtain a belt, or if Usman will remain our dominant champion.

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