Which Football Team Would Win? (D.C. Heroes vs Marvel Heroes)

Man this was fun to do. Welcome everyone to a two-part segment where I put comic book characters in the realm of the NFL and put them against each other.

Each team will have 23 players making up their roster and I’ll even throw in a coach for each team. First up are the Heroes of D.C. and Marvel going up against each other. Let’s not waste any time and get right into it.

D.C. Heroes Team;

Quarterback – Green Arrow

Running Back (Halfback) – The Flash

Running Back (Fullback) – Red Tornado

Wide Receiver #1 – Nightwing

Wide Receiver #2 – Plastic Man

Tight End – Superman

Left Tackle – Swamp Thing

Left Guard – Shazam

Center – Martian Manhunter

Right Guard – Doctor Fate

Right Tackle – Captain Atom

Defensive End – Aquaman

Defensive End – Lobo

Defensive Tackle – Cyborg

Defensive Tackle – Hellboy

Outside Linebacker – Wonder Woman

Middle Linebacker – Batman

Outside Linebacker – Hawkman

Free Safety – Green Lantern

Strong Safety – Super Girl

Left Cornerback – Static Shock

Right Cornerback – Firestorm

Kicker/Punter – Blue Beetle

Head Coach – Alfred Pennyworth

Marvel Heroes Team

Quarterback – Hawkeye

Running Back (Halfback) – Wolverine

Running Back (Fullback) – Captain Marvel

Wide Receiver #1 – Silver Surfer

Wide Receiver #2 – Falcon

Tight End – Iron Man

Left Tackle – Colossus

Left Guard – Vision

Center – Beast

Right Guard – Dr. Strange

Right Tackle – Luke Cage

Defensive End – Thor

Defensive End – Groot

Defensive Tackle – The Hulk

Defensive Tackle – The Thing

Outside Linebacker – Bucky Barnes

Middle Linebacker – Captain America

Outside Linebacker – Drax

Free Safety – Nightcrawler

Strong Safety – War Machine

Left Cornerback – Spiderman

Right Cornerback – Black Panther

Kicker/Punter – Iceman

Head Coach – Professor X

Well there you have it guys. Now who would win in a football game? The D.C. Heroes? Or is it the Marvel Heroes? Head over to our Twitter account to let us know what you think!

I’ll be back tomorrow to make the villain teams so stay tuned!

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