The Great One vs The Great Eight Showcase

The loss of sports has hit fans hard, and the postponement of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs has hit hockey fans even harder. Well there is good news, some of our favorite hockey stars are returning to action next Wednesday night. Wayne Gretzky and Alexander Ovechkin won’t be returning to the ice, instead they will be hitting the sticks in an NHL 20 best-of-three series on Xbox One.

The best-of-three series will stream live on the Capitals’ Twitch channel with a puck drop of 8pm eastern time. The “Great One vs the Great Eight Showcase” is a chance for both NHL legends to show off their video game skills, as well as a great effort to raise money for Coronavirus Relief. Viewers will be able to donate to the Monumental Sports & Entertainment Foundation, as well as the Edmonton Food Bank.

Ovechkin has been chasing Gretzky’s record for career goals (894), and since the season is on hold he will have to focus his attention to beating the Great One in another challenge. However, there is a twist. Both men will not be playing NHL 20 alone. In fact, Alexander Ovechkin will be paired up with John “JohnWayne” Cassagranda, who is the first esports pro signed by an NHL team. JohnWayne regularly streams games on the Capitals Twitch channel, and recently qualified for the 2020 NHL Gaming World Championship with a 23-0 record (very impressive). With JohnWayne by his side Ovi, should have no problem winning the series.

Wayne Gretzky on the other hand will be paired up with his 19 year old son, Tristan. Tristan may not be a professional gamer, but we can only assume as a college kid he has played his fair share of chel. Wayne has admitted he has only played the game a few times, however he is the Great One, and with a nickname like that you can believe he is talented at everything he does. I mean, the guy had his own video game, Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey (N64). A lot has changed in the video game world since Gretzky’s 3D hockey was released, however anything can happen in a video game.

I think the “Great One vs The Great Eight Showcase” will be very entertaining to watch. It won’t be as great as the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but it will give hockey fans the fix they need. I think Ovi and JohnWayne will be crowned champs, but I am rooting for the Gretzky Underdog Story!

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