Ru Paul’s Drag Race Predictions Episode 09

You Brita Go Home!

Lats week Brita was eliminated by Heidi in the lipsync. Needless to say, I did laps around my living room out of excitement. That leaves just eight Queens in the competition. 

So here are my 5 predictions for this week.

5) Jan’s Epic Heel Turn

To this point, Jan has been seen as a fun-loving Queen who just wants to get along with everyone. Well in the early preview for this week the other Queens ain’t buying her crocodile tears. We have seen things like this before in Drag Race and it normally spells doom for the contestant. But more on that later.

4) Jaida Essence Hall Wins The Mini Challenge

All season Jaida has been spilling tea like her name is Mrs. Potts. This week the challenge involves shade and there are few better at throwing it than Miss Hall.

3) Jackie Cox Steals The Maxi Challenge

Jackie Cox continues to finish in the top three but has yet to bring home a win. This week’s Maxi Challenge takes some acting chops and a lot of creativity. I think there is a good avenue for Jackie. There are a lot of other queens funnier than her, but Jackie’s subtle delivery of puns is hard to match.

2) Crystal Methyd Finishes in the Top 3 Again

Crystal’s make up has improved and her performance in all of the acting challenges has been memorable. She built some good momentum off of the Madonna Challenge. I think Crystal steals the show this week.

1) Jan Goes Home

Jan has finished in the top 3 twice and has otherwise been safe. But that is not what the “New York” Queen came to do. I see her pushing too hard this week, faltering, and getting eliminated by the queen of lipsync Heidi!

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