Oh Josh. Joshy Joshy Josh. It’s not always when I can tell you that hockey players disagree with you about your take, but here we are.

Yesterday Josh and Marty got into a blog off about the two hits Tkachuk put on Kassian when the Flames played the Oilers.

Blah Blah Blah, we’ve seen this video before in Josh’s wonderfully spelled blog post. Marty, the firey hockey fan he is, dropped a rebuttal blog about how Tkachuk deserved the ass-kicking because of the dirty yet legal hits. I’m just here to showcase the NHL stars AND MASSIVE hockey fans that stand against Josh on this one to see if it changes his mind!

Guys who liked the fight from Kassian….

Biz Nasty

Teemu Selanne

James Neal

Scottie Upshall (get off of your Xbox and learn the game Josh)

Deke Whiten

Wow. Some heavy hitters there, huh? What a world we live in where hockey players and #1 Hockey fans can pick Kassian’s side and Josh is still just swimming in denial river with his little “smart hockey” floaties on.

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