The Legend of Jeaux Burreaux

Has there ever been a rise quite like this in sports history? I mean seriously, Joe Burrow’s is an ICON.

The Athens, Ohio resident went from a 4th or 5th round quarterback to the obvious and easy number one overall selection, and all he needed was a change of scenery (S/O Ryan Tannehill). I mean, if this isn’t the COOLEST shot in NCAA history I don’t want to be a sports fan anymore.

Last night we watched one of the greatest college football matchups in recent memory and it was not disappointing in the slightest. I LOVED the game from what we all say after tuning in to the Idiot Hour first of course from 8-9 on Monday Nights on the TFTB Facebook page. There were players out there not just proving they deserved to be in the Natty, but proving their draft stock for years to come.

But, none of them, not a SINGLE player on the field meant more to their city, state, school, fanbase, future draft stock, dating life more than the man Joe Burrows. Burrows is a DAWG and I still to this day cannot believe Keaton didn’t want him. I would let Dre put me through ten tables if we had a chance at getting Burrows man.

The confidence ooooozing from this kid is electric to say the least.

This kid, who is older than Lamar Jackson (still have to pound that against the table) is a bonafide stud despite sitting for his entire career at Ohio State. A graduate transfer, Burrow picked LSU basically because Coach O is an insane person and it worked out for everyone.

Just to put it into perspective, Joe Burrow threw for 60 touchdowns (an All-Time FBS Single-Season Record), was responsible for 65 total touchdowns (an All-Time FBS Single-Season Record), had the  second-highest completion percentage of all time and is tied, which is literally INSANE for yards, for third with 5,671 total passing yards. Add in a Heisman, a Davey O’Brien, a National Championship and the Number One spot in the NFL Draft, then ask yourself is there anyone on the planet you would rather be right now?

F*** no.

There isn’t a single person on the PLANET who is having more fun than Jeaux Burreaux’s right now. That kid is the peak of athletic competition right at this very second. Never has someone bet on themselves in this realm and had it pay off in an insane fashion like this.

He also KNEW HIS RING SIZE ALREADY! This team went out and got fitted for rings because they knew. Baller shit.

Also, his dad is a friggen G. His dad bet 2k on 200/1 odds for his kid to win the Heisman? He quit his job as a coach (50 years as a coach mind you) to be a fan of his son and my lord has it paid off.

Burrow’s is the man. And for the love of the Lord, please let this be his peak because I can’t stand the Cincy Bengals.

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