Kassian vs Tkachuk

Over the weekend Zack Kassian and Matthew Tkachuk had a kerfluffle. 

A lot of people are calling for Tkachuk to be in as much trouble as Kasisan for this event. Saying he stated it, the hit was dirty, Tkachuk is a goon. Which is all bullshit! 

The reason the hit looks so bad is that Kassian has hands of cement can’t carry the puck behind the net without looking down. There are kids in mite programs in Uganda that have more skill then Kassian shows on this play. Literally 90% of NHL players can make that play with their head up. The 10% that can’t are goalies and Zack Kassian.

Matthew Tkachuk currently has fifteen goals already this season! He is on pace for thirty goals. Which looks like it will be the young star’s average for his career. He plays eighteen minutes a night for a playoff-bound team. The kid is every bit of his father. Who is an EFFING HALL OF FAMER!

Zack Kassian, on the other hand, has been in the league for nine years and has scored six less goals in his entire career then Tkacheck has tallied in four seaons. In fact, the guy has only been positive at the end of the seasons twice in his whole career.

Kassian is a no-talent punk. The Tkachuk kids especially Matt play hard and fast. If a player doesn’t like it keep your head up, know where they are on the ice. The way Kassian responded was just goonery bullshit. You get hit check the number get them back when it’s clean and legal. If Tkachuk hits McDavid like that fine jump him, but if he hits a guy whose job it is to be a goon I got zero problems with it.

This entire thing comes down to schoolyard bullying. Kassian never had anyone fight back. He got punched in the mouth and lost his ever-loving mind. He needs to sit for a month. If it were up to me he wouldn’t play again for the rest of the year. But I don’t need to defend Matty Tkachuck because he does it best himself.

Check the scoreboard ya pigeon.


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