A Disturbance in the Force

An article was published yesterday, concerning the best “drinkers” in Thoughts From The Bench. Yet one name was left off this all-encompassing list.

Johnny Violence. As a former Junior Hockey Player and D1 Athlete, I resent this. In fact, I plan to make Derirk Whitten Rue the Day he left off Johnny V.

For those of you who don’t know, in hockey, there is a common practice amongst the NHL’s elite called playing guilty. The term was created because of how much the bois love to get after it. So much so that sometimes they go too far and have yet to fully recover before puck drop. 

You see Deke that is the type of a drinker a hockey player is. The type of guy who is the life of the party. The type of guy every chic wants to be with and every guy wants to be.

They type of guy a field fairy wanna be soccer keeper like yourself could never be.

So when these “Beer Olympics” roll around I challenge you to a one on one game of flip cup. First to clear the table wins.

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