Like Baby Baby No

A few days ago Jordan Binngington called his shot. Challenging Mega Pop Superstar Justin Bieber to a shootout competition for charity.

And I’m like baby baby no. Look. I want hockey to be the most popular sport in the world. BUT hockey is really at risk of looking foolish here.

The Stanley Cup Champion and stand out goaltender Jordan Binnington is known for being “The Man”.

There are a fews things that concern me. First Bieiber ain’t half bad at hockey.

Second, the goalie is at a disadvantage in a shootout. NHL Players score 30 percent of the time. Plus the Biebs is fancy, “he’ll go glove”.

Now the one thing going for us is Binngington’s Shootout record is impressive. In 11 attempts last season he stopped 10.

If the Vezina Candidate loses to Bieber not only will his pockets be lighter but Hockey will look silly having one of their best goalies losing to a guy who would be a bender in most beer leagues.

I wait with baited breath to find out which JB will reign supreme.

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