Do Not Watch Scary Things Before Bed (Part 2/3)

That brings us to the first of two dreams last night that Mac wants me to blog because they were vivid AF. So let’s tell a tale. I was babysitting for some kid, I have no clue who the kid was but for some reason, I was able to bring my brother Nikko, Kayle, my cousin Ben and then two random kids I went to high school with were there as well that I haven’t spoke to since home freaking room.

Typical dream. We’re in a big farm house, lots of room outside and a pool that, although it was cold was heated. I don’t remember too much leading up to it, but the dream was amazingly pleasant. We just tossed a football, swam, played with a dog. Typical dream shit.

I ask Ben how the pool is and he replied with a simple “warm enough”, so I ventyured back into the house to put on my swim trunks. I even remember contemplating going in with the basketball shorts I had on, a thought that I didn’t think would really have crossed my mind ever in a dream. I went up the stairs and found ants were on my feet. I’m not sure of the significance of this, but there were a lot of them so I brushed them off as my brother entered the room. “They found something they think is a bomb in the woods”, he said, kind of looking to me to make a decision. I grabbed my phone, ready to call the cops instantly but figured I should take a look at it for myself. Kayle, Nikko, Ben, this kid, a dog and myself all gathered on the front porch of the farm house.

I saw the two kids in the field, one in front of the other holding a box. It didn’t really look man made, but they were far enough away that I couldn’t really make it out. The kid with the box looked at us, started running parallel to the house and tossed the box as far as he could. The box exploded, sending metal and parts everywhere, and a second after the explosion a single rocket-like device shot into the air and seemingly broke the sky.

I screamed, running at these kids, telling them to leave now and I was calling the cops. In my mind, they just threw a bomb for fun near a house I was watching over. The kid who didn’t throw the box walked into the woods, saying nothing. The second stared at me, as if I was trying to stop him from living. He walked towards me, eyes locked in. I took a step back, almost fearful for myself. He got to me, as we started just yelling about what it was and what was happening. As the argument was fueling up, we both stopped for a noise that, upon further review, was an amplified version of the noise from the tripod robot in War Of the Worlds.

I looked up. The sky turned dark, almost a deep gray, not pitch dark like the night. Something was off. The rocket had done something. The kid ran into the woods, following his friend. I ran back to the house and told everyone to lock up the doors and windows. The dog (because freaking DUH) runs out into the yard, barking manically. I ran after it (CAUSE FREAKING DUH) and tried to grab it, but the dog just kept running. I remember running as he just continued to travel just outside my grasp. The noise struck again, louder and more mechanic then before. This is where it gets weird lol. I remember hearing the voice of our own disgruntled ex employee Josh Elsass, almost as if I was listening to an audio book by Josh on full blast. I heard it so vividly.

“Man Derrik, you really are invincible…

At that moment, I became paralized. I fell to the ground. This whole dream was a slight combination of first person and third person, but here I was me. I was in the grass and I couldn’t move anything but my eyes. The dew on the grass was wet and cold, and I could feel the dirt against my cheek. I was shivering without moving. I was there. Josh continued.

“…well. Except for the ribs”

A massive, corroding monstrous leg stepped over my immobile frame. It was dark and massive and right there. Something that was a mix between a zombie and a Predator, but it had nothing but bones and loose “skin”. I wasn’t scared it would hurt me. I just remember being able to tilt my head enough to see it move towards the house. I couldn’t move, couldn’t alert anyone. I couldn’t do anything. And then the noise again….

Boom. Woke up, not wanting to move a single bone in my body. I laid there lifeless in my room. This time, knowing what happened in Texas, I pinched myself. Hard. I slapped myself in the face. Not as hard. CTE and what not. TFTB doesn’t have health insurance yet. I was awake. Well my dumbass went back to sleep.

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