Do Not Watch Scary Things Before Bed (Part 3/3)

I was in the Faze House, weirdly enough. If you aren’t aware of Faze, they are a gaming org that showcases a lot of the big name streamers and YouTube Creators. We were doing a charity clothing drive giving away boxes full of Faze clothing. I know exactly how this dream happened to be honest. I watched that MFing show Prank Encounters where you scare people with the little curly kid from Stranger things. Don’t watch that before bed. Also, Faze had a 60% off sale, so I have to assume that’s where I got this from, right?

So, it was me, Faze Sway, Faze Temperrr and Faze Adapt. It’s really weird, because I had to google their names for this story, but I remember their faces. We searched through some boxes and Temperrr kept noticing a door move down the hallway. Again, not a big move, just enough to make me notice it wasn’t normal. Adapt went down the hall to use the bathroom, the room right next to the moving door. It was weird, because Sway and Temp were facing me while I watched Adapt walk down the hallway. He hesitated. I mean, call me crazy but I’ve never hesitated when having to go to the bathroom. You just go to the bathroom. He hesitated with his hand on the door knob, and then quickly, as if no one was watching, ducked into the room with the moving door.

I looked at the other guys and no one seemed to have seen it. I thought nothing of it more than that someone else must have been in there since the door itself had been moving. seconds go by as we sort out the clothing by size. Then, the door shut rapidly. Like, you know when people slam a door. You know that noise. It can be recreated by the wind or as a prank, but you just know the difference between a good ol fashion door slam and a fake one. It SLAMMED. Slammed enough that the other Faze members jumped up, making me actually feel some comfort since I wasn’t the only person noticing this now. They looked, and the hallway shrunk. It wasn’t a hallway anymore (which maybe should have alerted me this was a dream, but the doors just got closer. Then, the scratching started. It wasn’t hectic or panicy. It was rythymic, almost alertive. The scratching on the door has a beat and a reason for being there. It wasn’t something trying to get out, but it wasn’t natural. I remember the guys walking up to the door and automatically assuming it was a prank. “He wants a bigger contract, he always does this wierd shit” Temperrr said. Sway didn’t really seem to care. Weird shit always happens in that house whether it’s pranks or content. We say back down around the clothing and continued.

What felt like a year went by in a second. Obviously, we weren’t sorting out the clothing for a year, but it was a long enough time that I didn’t really notice that the scratching was loud now. Very loud. Both Faze members were still facing me so I was the only one with eyes on the door Adapt went into. Then…the scratching stopped. The door slowly opened, and both Temp and Sway just laughed and played it off as if it was over. Adapt walked out and walked parallel to our room. He stopped and (CAUSE FREAKING DUH) something was off. He turned, looked at us. He wasn’t directly looking at my, but I was the only one that noticed. I kept hitting Sway on the leg to alert him that it just wasn’t right, but he didn’t feel the change in the atmosphere and just assumed I was being annoying which like…screw you kid you’re literally 15.

Adapt then locked eyes with me, noticing I was raising some form of an alarm. He was cold, almost lifeless in his eyes but his physical form hadn’t changed. He walked past the room out of my sight. I couldn’t really explain what I felt. How would I tell two dudes that their friend isn’t him when I didn’t know either of them. It felt like the room was balancing back out, and then I just felt sick. I just had this rock in my stomache and I could feel myself getting cold. That instant, Adapt came back around the corner lifeless as before. He wasn’t walking like normal, it was like he was on a track. He got to us, and turned 90 degrees and knelt down. It was like whatever Adapt was at that moment was trying to pretend to fit in. I was terrified. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what to do. The four of us, knelt by one box, three of us folding clothing and Adapt just kind of….there.

I leadned back and grabbed a long sleeze dark blue shirt. I remember how it felt in my hands. I could feel the fabric as I lifted up the shirt, reached across the box and said “Adapt, what do you think of this shirt” and threw it at the thing across from me. In that split second I thought doing something out of the ordinary would either alert the other guys or at least showcase my emotions that something was off.

The second I tossed the shirt, Adapt flew up. I mean flew. He didn’t stand, he didn’t rise…he flew. He towered us, completely morphing into something else. And then, the noise again. It wasn’t an exact replica of the tripod alien, but it was loud. I could hear it everywhere. It wasn’t just in my head, I could feel the vibration in my legs. I could feel everything around me crashing down, terrified. And then, nothing.

I woke up again in my bed. This time, I couldn’t move. I knew I was no longer sleeping, but I couldn’t move. I was petrified. After a few moments, I did the ol pinch / slap / phone check. I was awake. I was terrified. and then, my alarm went off.

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