I’m shook. As shook as a person can be on two different levels. On one level, this thing is just flat our terrifying. It’s some kind of big eyed warped bird with boobs and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wish Kayle was still living at the apartment, because I’m shook. I honestly decided not to put this image as the header for the article because of so many kids on Facebook.

I’m shook on a second level as well…..this “MOMO” thing has been infiltrating children’s television shows on YouTube and Instagram and telling them to do unspeakable tasks. MOMO has asked kids to commit suicide, leave the stove or oven turned on, play with knives and so many more absolutely disgusting tasks.

In one story, a mother says “Then the Momo face popped up and was making weird noises, he couldn’t hear everything it said but it was saying ‘I’m going to kill you'”. This kid was literally watching a gaming channel on YouTube, minding his own little man business and BOOM – traumatized.

The son talks about this situation as basically, the entire video stopped. It was as if he paused the stream, but he hadn’t done anything. Then, out of no where Momo pops up and starts spewing the most vial things no kid should hear.

The statue was originally made from a special effects outfit Link Factory and was recently on display at an art gallery in Tokyo, Japan.

In all seriousness, I know we normally do blog posts about happy topics and sports moments, but monitor what your kids are watching and let’s hope this gets taken down soon. The internet is an evil place with blemishes of happiness, but it still is an evil place.