A shameful front page story and no where other than the land of the cherished Super Bowl Champions. On January 19th, hours before the New England Patriots faced off against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game, the Patriots owner Robert Kraft, was allegedly videotaped in a Florida massage parlor engaged in illegal activity. The report stated by the Palm Beach State Attorney’s office documented that Kraft had received sexual favors from a woman and that he paid her originally with a one hundred dollar bill and then added another bill before leaving the establishment to go to the AFC Championship game. According to the police department, on February 2nd Kraft was reportedly charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution.

Normally, you would think oh well they are just targeting him cause he is a man of high stature. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. Robert Kraft was one out hundreds of men that were allegedly taped in this prostitution sting operation by the Jupiter Police Department. So I would say that it was random and unbiased. This was very surprising to hear from someone of Kraft’s stature, a seedy massage parlor having to pay to play. Kraft will have to appear in court on April 24th at 8:30 a.m. to face judgement for his actions.

Another scandal in the land of the Patriots; from snowplows, spies, deflate gate to massage parlors. I ask this simple question; “Can the New England Patriots recover from this one”? My answer is no. True there have been scandals as mentioned with the Patriots before this, but none have ever gone this high on the food chain or been quite as sleazy as being involved in a prostitution sting. Now each of the dreaded members of the “Terrible Triangle” as I call them has a scandal under their belt. Belichick has the “Spygate” scandal that happened in 2007, Brady has the “Deflategate” scandal that occurred in the NFL playoffs in the 2014 season and now you can add Robert Kraft to the list as well. Let us also not forget the scandalous activity of Aaron Hernandez and Julian Edelman which can be added to this as well to form a pentagon of embarrassment.

Kraft is now facing up to a year in prison, a 5,000 dollar fine, 100 hours of community service and attendance in a human trafficking dangers class. Even if he were to avoid any of these things from the courts I really doubt he is let off the hook with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Goodall, friend or not, will do what looks best for the NFL and having an owner who has been charged with these crimes does not bode well for him. The issues are unrelated, but I am going to use former owner of the Carolina Panthers Jerry Richardson as an example. When Goodell found out that Richardson had been making crude sexual and racial comments to employees in the workplace he was forced to sell the team away to David Tepper. Again, these two things are far from the same thing, but if Goodell made Richardson sell the team over that do you really believe he will let Kraft keep his team facing something more heinous? I don’t think so.

Kraft is an immensely popular owner in New England. He purchased the Patriots franchise in 1994 and originally saved them from a desperate move to Connecticut. Ever since that time, Kraft has done nothing but help rebuild and flourish this organization. So what do you think will happen if he is forced to sell the team. I am telling you a domino effect like no other will come crashing down on the future of the New England Patriots.

This team will implode as we know already that relations are not well with owner Robert Kraft and coach Bill Belichick. We can only assume now that any relationship that did exist is completely tarnished. I have always said that when Brady retires Belichick will be gone as well. Who knows now though if this strain in the relationship becomes too much for the coach to relate too and he walks away from the Patriots franchise. I hardly doubt this will happen, but it is a possibility.

We really do not know what is in store for the Patriots franchise and the future of owner Robert Kraft, but I can tell you one thing if the allegations are true this will ruin the Patriots dynasty. Everything that Kraft, Belichick and Brady worked for is about to go up in smoke, this will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Who knows, now maybe the Dolphins, Jets or Bills can finally win a playoff game. All joking aside however, I really hope the right decision is made based on the evidence provided. Prostitution remember is only one part of this investigation. It is not likely but if Kraft is drug into the sex trafficking part of this investigation there will not be any questions as know one has patience or excuses for that.

Thank you for your time.