No, the NCAA Shouldn’t Pay Its Athletes

Sorry for the hiatus from writing everyone. I had to take a little break to deal with a work and personal issue. But here I am, back again.

One topic that I want to discuss is the never ending debate, in which some people state that NCAA athletes should be paid.

I for one, do not believe that NCAA athletes should be paid in a salary like setting. It is a never ending question and debate with people arguing that the NCAA exploits these athletes and makes billions off of them.

While I do not disagree with that notion, I also believe that the NCAA does often more good than harm for these athletes. I do think that it is crazy that athletes can’t sell their own signatures or even accept a meal from a sponsor, but I can see why the rules are in place.

Simply put, the NCAA is the greatest paid internship. The NCAA gives a platform to every athlete at a DI or DII school to potentially turn pro, a platform which a lot of athletes would not have had if it were not for the NCAA and their enormous media outreach. The NCAA also provides over 150,000 scholarships to DI and DII athletes annually. A lot of those athletes would not be able to attend the schools that they do if it weren’t for the scholarship money that the NCAA provides.

There are also some schools in the Big East that are setting the precedent of paying their athletes through the university. They pay the athletes through the University to cover basic costs of living.

While this is a never ending debate, one that does not have an easy answer to it, I will leave you with the words of Luka Doncic, “if you want paid, go over to Europe.”

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