Fall Out Boy (So Much (For) Stardust) Album Review

Anyone who has become friends with Greg Malek knows a few things. One, he is fiercely loyal. Two he loves to get other people’s opinions on things he loves. Since just about day one of our beautiful relationship, Greg has tried to convince me that Fall Out Boy isn’t cooked. So as the former kings of pop-punk built up steam toward their new album release. Greg has been asking me what I think of their new single and now the new album. Solely because I do truly love my friend Greg Malek I am going to subject myself to this new Fall Out Boy and give it an honest review.

Now, most of you enjoy reading these album reviews because I stay fairly positive in them. I rarely feel the need to put down new music because I believe it is important to a long happy life.

But I can not promise the same upbeat outlook on this review. For I too am fiercely loyal however, unlike Greg my loyalty can quickly turn to a grudge. This is the feeling that I have had for Fall Out Boy since 2008 when they sold out and released Folie a Duex. It was the first album I ever pre-ordered, and boy was I pissed when I got it. Gone were the witty lyrics, pop punk driving riffs, and alternative images of one of my favorite bands. It was replaced by a machine that was designed to pump out pop hits for the next ten-plus years.

So now with all that rambling out of the way here is my honest review of Fall Out Boy’s new album, So Much (For) The Stardust.

Love From The Other Side

This is the first track on the album and the first single. It is fine. The begging is really fun. The cool piano part leads into a heavy orchestra rock bridge. Patrick Stump comes in and starts with the signature of the new Fall Out Boy, a steady bass drum with a minimal riff as he sings something post-apocalyptic sounding. If all of a sudden he started singing Light Em Up, it wouldn’t be out of place. Then at 1:23, the song builds a bit toward the chorus which is fine arena rock stuff. The chorus hits at 1:50. The lyrics are kind of old Fall Out Boy sounding but it feels like they’re trying to write that way. Instead of it naturally flowing from the pen of Pete Wentz. When this song first came out I told Greg it was fine. Not great but not good by any means. After listening to the album and hearing the song in the wild a few times. I would even say at this point I kind of like it. So there Greg you got one.

Hold Me Like a Grudge

Musically this song is pretty rad. Heavy bass-driven song with some cool parts to it. But this song perfectly encapsulates my problem with the new Fall Out Boy. Lyrically they no longer have the thoughts and feelings in their songs that made them relatable. The exact lyric that pisses me off is

“Screaming at the stars like night lights. And I love my life, love my life. Running middle fingers through the red lights. And I guess I’m getting older cause I’m less pissed. When I can’t get onto the guest list”.

Hold Me Like a Grudge

What kind of passive-aggressive bullshit is that Fall Out Boy! What happened to being so upset you would kill for it? Everyone remembers the iconic line from Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner right,

“So wear me like a locket around your throat. I’ll weigh you down, I’ll watch you choke. You look so good in blue”.

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

That’s my Fall Out Boy, that’s the type of anger and depression I need 300 milligrams of injected straight into my bloodstream.

Fake Out

Then to just piss me off they follow it up with this candy-ass song. 

Heaven, Iowa

I will be honest, if Journey wrote this song I would love it LOL LOL.

So Good Right Now

More candy-ass bull-shit that will be in a Six Flags commercial this summer.

The Pink Seashell (feat. Ethan Hawke)

I won’t lie this got me excited. I thought maybe it was going to be the flag in the ground moment where Fall Out Boy returned to their old sound. I thought for a moment we were going to get some of the finest, self-loathing pop punk since The Story So Far released Proper Dose.

I am My Own Muse

Boy was I wrong. Instead, they re-wrote Finn Balor’s intro music. Then wrote some lyrics and vocal melodies that Brando Urie wouldn’t have written even when he was wearing a top hat.

Then this is the rest of the album.

So all and all I was right to not trust these dudes anymore. It would be one thing if any of this shit was even interesting but instead, it’s just bullshit arena rock. Sorry Greg I tried. 

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