The 2014 NFL Re-Draft

The 2014 Draft was one of my favorite drafts to date. Simply because of the amount of talent that was in this draft. Sure there were a lot of first round busts, but the players in later rounds were the opposite. In fact, a lot of these players are stars today.

So what would happen if we decided to turn back the clock and do the 2014 Draft over again. The order will be the exact order going into the first night. So trades during the draft will not count. It’s the 2014 NFL Re-Draft baby! Let’s get it!

1.) Houston Texans

Old Pick – Jadeveon Clowney (EDGE/South Carolina)

New Pick – Aaron Donald (DT/Pitt)

It wasn’t as hard of a choice as I thought considering Donald is the best player in the NFL today, but having him and Mack there for the taking was interesting to say the least. Given that the edge position was picked first originally, I thought about Mack, but Donald is the right choice here for Houston to rebuild this defense.

2.) St. Louis Rams

Old Pick – Greg Robinson (OT/Auburn)

New Pick – Khalil Mack (EDGE/Buffalo)

If Donald was one, then Mack was gonna be two. The edge rusher from Buffalo spent years dominating for the Raiders and the Bears. Now he gets a shot in this Re-Draft to prove himself for the Rams. he has big shoes to fill for Donald who went number one overall.

3.) Jacksonville Jaguars

Old Pick – Blake Bortles (QB/UCF)

New Pick – Derek Carr (QB/Fresno State)

Bortles is now a backup quarterback. Yikes. Is that a bust? Probably. However, the best quarterback in this draft class by far was Derek Carr. He is still putting up great numbers for the Raiders whether they are in Oakland or Las Vegas. He would be a good fit for a struggling Jacksonville Jaguars teams.

4.) Cleveland Browns

Old Pick – Sammy Watkins (WR/Clemson) (BILLS)

New Pick – Zack Martin (G/Notre Dame)

In this Re-Draft, Buffalo moved up to the number four spot. that doesn’t happen here, and instead Cleveland stays where they are at. There is no doubt the best person available is the guard out of Notre Dame; Zack Martin. How many Pro Bowls has he attended and how many times has he saved Tony Romo and Dak Prescott from getting squashed? Too many to count. Put him on that Cleveland line.

5.) Oakland Raiders

Old Pick – Khalil Mack (EDGE/Buffalo)

New Pick – Davante Adams (WR/Fresno State)

With Mack gone, the Raiders will turn to another need; wide receiver. Their receiving core was pure doo doo in 2014. So let’s give them the best receiver out of this draft who still excels today. He is also used to being the only one catching the ball so this should come as a no surprise move by the Raiders to get a weapon for their team.

6.) Atlanta Falcons

Old Pick – Jake Matthews (OT/Texas A&M)

New Pick – Taylor Lewan (OT/Michigan)

The Falcons took a great selection in Jake Matthews in the original 2014 Draft, but in this Re-Draft let us shake things up and draft an even better prospect. Possibly the best tackle in this draft class; Taylor Lewan. The current Titan has done wonders for Tennessee, and now he will do wonders wearing black and red for the Falcons.

7.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Old Pick – Mike Evans (WR/Texas A&M)

New Pick – Odell Beckham Jr (WR/LSU)

As much as I want to stick with Mike Evans, I want to be different and see how different scenarios play out in my head. So instead of Evans, let us go with a r3eceiver that got equal if not more attention after he was drafted and produced for the Giants; Odell Beckham Jr. You never know maybe being on another team may make him not want to move to Cleveland. He’ll do great for this Buccaneers offense.

8.) Minnesota Vikings

Old Pick – Justin Gilbert (CB/Oklahoma State) (BROWNS)

New Pick – Anthony Barr (LB/UCLA)

Cleveland will not be moving up one spot here so Minnesota will be staying put. They also won’t draft anyone new here as they will select Anthony Barr again here in this Re-Draft. He fit the scheme well, and he proved himself worthy of carrying the position to a high extent. It would be foolish for them to accept anyone else here.

9.) Buffalo Bills

Old Pick – Anthony Barr (LB/UCLA) (VIKINGS)

New Pick – Teddy Bridgewater (QB/Louisville)

With Buffalo remaining at nine and never moving up, they will select their quarterback of the future with Teddy Bridgewater because EJ Manuel was a bust. The now Denver Bronco proved himself to be a good quarterback after returning to the starting role for Carolina this past year, and you argue if he is here, and not with the Vikings, then maybe he doesn’t suffer that injury and remains healthy.

10.) Detroit Lions

Old Pick – Eric Ebron (TE/North Carolina)

New Pick – DeMarcus Lawrence (EDGE/Boise State)

Detroit went with a tight end in their original pick, and I didn’t understand it then just like I don’t understand it now. Ebron is a good tight end, but the amount of talent here makes that pick look bad. Let’s give them DeMarcus Lawrence to squash opposing quarterbacks.

11.) Tennessee Titans

Old Pick – Taylor Lewan (OT/Michigan)

New Pick – Jimmy Garoppolo (QB/Eastern Illinois)

Tennessee had an awful quarterback situation so with their choice of Taylor Lewan off the board, let’s give them the heartthrob of Thoughts from the Bench. The one and only Jimmy Garoppolo. Yeah he’s kind of injury prone, and maybe he wouldn’t be as good with not learning from Tom Brady, but we got to give it a shot right? Anything is better than Zach Mettenberger.

12.) New York Giants

Old Pick – Odell Beckham Jr (WR/LSU)

New Pick – Mike Evans (WR/Texas A&M)

So with Odell on the Bucs, that can only mean one thing. The team that originally drafted him will select the Texas A&M wide receiver; Mike Evans. A big body receiver that can seriously do some damage. That’s exactly what an aging Eli Manning could ask for.

13.) St. Louis Rams

Old Pick – Aaron Donald (DT/Pitt)

New Pick – Jake Matthews (OT/Texas A&M)

With Khalil Mack already on their team with the second overall pick, we move into what the Rams will do with their second first round pick. Since they went Greg Robinson originally, let’s give them some much needed tackle help that isn’t a bust. That would be Jake Matthews. He developed and produced hard on the Falcons learning how to protect Matt Ryan. He’ll fit in just nicely here.

14.) Chicago Bears

Old Pick – Kyle Fuller (CB/Virginia Tech)

New Pick – Kyle Fuller (CB/Virginia Tech)

It is sad to see Fuller not be a Bear anymore having been a casualty of the terrible Andy Dalton signing. However, I don’t see them moving away from drafting in the original draft. He was by far the best corner prospect, and he excelled with Chicago. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

15.) Pittsburgh Steelers

Old Pick – Ryan Shazier (LB/Ohio State)

New Pick – Ryan Shazier (LB/Ohio State)

This was a tricky one, but the raw athletic freak ability of Ryan Shazier was cut short due to an injury in a game against the Bengals (aka Keaton’s a nerd). However, the story is fantastic, and this man was a star on the field and in our hearts as Steelers fans. I can’t have us draft anyone but him in this.

16.) Dallas Cowboys

Old Pick – Zack Martin (G/Notre Dame)

New Pick – Jadeveon Clowney (EDGE/South Carolina)

I know. I know. Clowney takes a big fall here, but man come on. People are starting to call him a bust to his lack of playing time. Maybe I give him the benefit of the doubt here though. Perhaps if he wasn’t drafted by Houston, then he doesn’t get all these injuries. Then maybe he can replace some aging veterans on the Cowboys defense. I don’t know, but it is on here now.

17.) Baltimore Ravens

Old Pick – C.J. Mosley (LB/Alabama)

New Pick – C.J. Mosley (LB/Alabama)

The Ravens drafted Mosley with this pick, and honestly I cannot see that changing here. Mosley was a big part of that defense, and to see that go away would be a bad thing for the Ravens linebacking core. He deserved all his athletic achievements he had. Maybe they also franchise him and don’t let him go to the Jets either, but who knows at this point.

18.) New York Jets

Old Pick – Calvin Pryor (S/Louisville)

New Pick – Lamarcus Joyner (S/Florida State)

The Jets swung and missed yet again with the draft pick of Calvin Pryor. I mean let’s face it, he flat out sucked and was a huge bust for the Jets organization. So since they went safety here, let us have them target that spot again, but with someone who was actually good at the position; Lamarcus Joyner.

19.) Miami Dolphins

Old Pick – Ja’Wuan James (OT/Tennessee)

New Pick – Joel Bitonio (G/Nevada)

The Dolphins drafted Ja’Waun James with this pick, and while he wasn’t a bad pick behind any shadow of a doubt, but let’s give them someone a little better on their roster. Enter the guard from Nevada Joel Bitonio. His ability would give the Dolphins that much needed punch on the offensive line.

20.) Arizona Cardinals

Old Pick – Brandin Cooks (WR/Oregon) (SAINTS)

New Pick – Ha Ha Clinton Dix (S/Alabama)

The Cardinals stay put at the number 20 spot since the Saints can’t move up here in that trade. So let’s assume that the Cardinals go with their route in taking a safety like they did this year. The one they picked was trash so let’s stick them with a current veteran in the NFL that did well; Ha Ha Clinton Dix. Whether it was the Packers, Bears, or the Cowboys, Ha Ha Clinton Dix exceled at the position.

21.) Green Bay Packers

Old Pick – Ha Ha Clinton Dix (S/Alabama)

New Pick – Brandin Cooks (WR/Oregon)

Green Bay actually would select Clinton Dix at this spot, but since he was taken by the Cardinals before them, they will have to go another way. I am going to give them an actual weapon in the wideout option from Oregon; Brandin Cooks. He should prove to be an option since Davante Adams will no longer be there.

22.) Philadelphia Eagles

Old Pick – Johnny Manziel (QB/Texas A&M) (BROWNS)

New Pick – Telvin Smith (LB/Florida State)

Good ol’ Johnny Football Moneyman Manziel got drafted here. I loved him so much in college, but man he just did not pan in the NFL. Plus, the Eagles will be sticking with this pick since Cleveland didn’t move up. So Philadelphia will go ahead and select linebacker Telvin Smith. He does retire fairly early, but his athletic ability is too good to go unnoticed here.

23.) Kansas City Chiefs

Original Pick – Dee Ford (EDGE/Auburn)

New Pick – Allen Robinson (WR/Penn State)

The Chiefs drafted Dee Ford here, and while that was a great pick, I believe they could go for a great offensive weapon. Let’s bring in the wide receiver that basically took over in Chicago; Allen Robinson. He would be a perfect wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs.

24.) Cincinnati Bengals

Old Pick – Darqueze Dennard (CB/Michigan State)

New Pick – Jason Verrett (CB/TCU)

The Bengals wanted to draft a good corner in this draft. However, in typical Bengals fashion, they blew it. So let’s get them the next best corner in my opinion. Jason Verrett fits that bill here. He has had some injury concern, but overall he was a good football corner. That’s exactly what Cincinnati needed in 2014.

25.) San Diego Chargers

Old Pick – Jason Verrett (CB/TCU)

New Pick – Malcolm Butler (CB/West Alabama)

The Chargers have now missed out on Verrett. He was their original draft pick, but since he was taken by the Bengals. They will have to look elsewhere. I will have them stay in the same position though since it is such a critical need. Lucky for them, Malcolm Butler is there to be drafted. He proved himself worthy of being a good corner in the NFL. We all know how he got famous so its a good cause to pair with the Chargers here.

26.) Cleveland Browns

Old Pick – Marcus Smith (EDGE/Louisville) (EAGLES)

New Pick – Devonta Freeman (RB/Florida State)

The Browns are up yet again, and since the last two picks have been on the offense why would we stop here? Since they traded Trent Richardson to the Colts, they would need a running back to replace him. So let’s get them the best running back in this class; Devonta Freeman. True he has fallen off the rails lately, but when he was with the Falcons he was a true warrior at the position.

27.) New Orleans Saints

Old Pick – Deone Bucannon (S/Washington State) (CARDINALS)

New Pick – Dee Ford (EDGE/Auburn)

The Saints will stay at the 27th spot in the draft. So they ended up actually taking Brandin Cooks in the draft. However, since he is not available I am going to switch the need here from offense to defense. The edge rusher from Auburn; Dee Ford would be a great pickup for them. He did well for both the Chiefs and the 49ers, and could possibly be great for the Saints too.

28.) Carolina Panthers

Old Pick – Kelvin Benjamin (WR/Florida State)

New Pick – Jarvis Landry (WR/LSU)

The Panthers went ahead and drafted Kelvin Benjamin. His success wasn’t great so now let’s have them access another wideout, but with more promise. Jarvis Landry from LSU was a great compliment to Beckham in college, but has proven that he can handle the workload of a number one receiver.

29.) New England Patriots

Old Pick – Dominique Easley (DT/Florida)

New Pick – Stephon Tuitt (DT/Notre Dame)

The Patriots aren’t the greatest at drafting in the first round. That was proven when they drafted Dominique Easley. He was a pure bust. I mean they got the position right, but it was wrong person. As much as I hate to do this, I have to have the Patriots take Stephon Tuitt in this Re-Draft. He was a pure monster against offensive lines when he was with the Steelers.

30.) San Francisco 49ers

Old Pick – Jimmie Ward (S/Northern Illinois)

New Pick – Jimmie Ward (S/Northern Illinois)

The 49ers drafted Jimmie Ward, and I do not see them changing this plan here. They would still most likely take a defensive back whether it was safety or cornerback. Jimmie Ward did well providing stable defensive coverages throughout his career. To move off on him for someone else might be the wrong move for the 49ers.

31.) Denver Broncos

Old Pick – Bradley Roby (CB/Ohio State)

New Pick – Sammy Watkins (WR/Clemson)

Denver has two main choices personally. They could stick with getting another cornerback or they could go and get help in the form of a wide receiver. If I am being completely honest, instead of Bradley Roby who they took, I would be looking at getting a wide receiver here. The best one available for the first round is ironically the first one taken in the actual draft; Sammy Watkins. He had injury issues and trouble fitting in with the Bills, so maybe Denver might be a better home.

32.) Seattle Seahawks

Old Pick – Teddy Bridgewater (QB/Louisville) (VIKINGS)

New Pick – Eric Ebron (TE/North Carolina)

The last pick in the 2014 Re-Draft comes down to the Seattle Seahawks. Since they weren’t even in the first round because they traded back, this will be all new to them. They honestly need either a wide receiver or tight end. since there are no receivers in my mind who can crack the first round, let’s give Russell Wilson the best tight end available. He was drafted at 10 by the Lions in the actual 2014 Draft, and he’ll be the last pick here for Seattle.

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