Mutiny Spring’21 Tournament Preview

It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for, the return of the Mutiny Hockey Spring Tourney. This Saturday friends, teammates, and even some opponents battle each other for bragging rights and the chance to hoist the Mutiny Cup. This year’s tourney surely won’t disappoint as the reigning champion Tyler Boyd looks to lead his team (AM Lumbers) to victory for the second year in a row. The journey to become back to back champions won’t be easy though, as Captains Anthony Decarlo (Letterkenny Irish), Ian Ney (Philosoraptors), and Dale Kaufman (Saucy Benders) plan to ruin Tyler’s parade and take the cup off of his hands.

AM LUMBERS (Mutiny Odds: 25.1%)

First we take a look at the reigning champion Tyler Boyd’s team, the AM Lumbers. Let’s start off by saying in no way shape or form is Tyler affiliated with the Cincinnati Bengals, although he will surely embrace all of the publicity behind the name. The AM Lumbers are made up of a strong combination of Mutiny, Top Cheese, and former Slippery Rock players making them a tough team to take down especially cause they will be buzzing out there for sure. Captain Boyd stated, “We plan to come out hard and the other teams should be aware to expect the unexpected as we only know how to finish strong.”  

Mutiny’s own, Jake Cowie, not only looks to shut down his opponents, but to be the most stylish goalie in the tournament by rocking his customized Mutiny equipment.  

And oh yeah, AM Lumbers is the favorite of NHLer and Mutiny super fan Beau Bennett. 

Letterkenny Irish (Mutiny Odds: 25.4%) 

Leading the way in the Mutiny Odds, with a 25.4 percent rating we have the Letterkenny Irish lead by Captain Decarlo. Decarlo is no stranger to being the leader of the team as he has been a Mutiny Tourney Captain before as well as the Captain of Dadbods. When you look at the Letterkenny Irish roster you see a team built on hard work and defense, guys who have won championships with Top Cheese and Mutiny, and a guy that spells his name with one “T” (cough cough Mat Flannery).  

When asked about his team, Captain Decarlo stated, “We are a team that doesn’t have too many weaknesses. We’re strong defensively and have the players that can make some noise offensively. Eric and I won the first tournament being on the same team and hope to carry that same team chemistry into this weekend.” 

In goal for the Letterkenny Irish you have defending Mutiny Cup Champion Brandon Starner, who will surely want to keep his championship streak alive. 

Philosoraptors (Mutiny Odds: 24.8%)

Coming in with 24.8 percent Mutiny Odds we have the Philosoraptors lead by Captain Ian Ney. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t wheel”- Abe Lincoln – Ian Ney.

After being cut from Top Cheese Mr Ney looks for vengeance against his former teammates. What better way to get vengeance than to draft Mr Scotty Dangles as the number one overall pick. Dangles dominated the last Mutiny Tournament, so it will be tough to shut the kid down. Everyone might have to feed the kid beers to get him off of his game. Speaking of getting someone off of their game let’s talk about Josh Foringer.

Foringer has won the Mutiny Cup before and definitely lets everyone know about it. He has talked mad game about this upcoming tournament. Saying things like, “Your team isn’t even gonna win one game,” and “you’re going to be sleeping in the dirt punk!” Well I got some news for you buddy, you might call yourself the highlight of the night, but when my team is done with you, you’ll be looking like a blooper reel!

Quite possibly the scariest thing about the Philosoraptors is their goalie Austin Naylor. Naylor on the same team as Scotty Dangles means the return of Naylor Gang, and we all know Naylor Gang is no stranger to winning.

Saucy Benders (Mutiny Odds: 24.6%)

America’s child, Dale Kaufman, looks to lead the Saucy Benders to victory. When asked about his strategy, Captain Dale had these keys to victory.

  1. Must have exceptional saucing ability. We only saucer pass on this team. No regular passes will be tolerated.
  2. Must have laces slightly untied to have proper bended ankles. Preferably around 45 degrees of ankle movement side to side. This allows for optimal lateral movement.
  3. The players must have Tegrity. The best sportsmanship on and off the rink.

**DISCLAIMER- With both Ricketts being on the same team, I think it should be said that we are all friends and FIGHTING IS PROHIBITED**

The Saucy Benders are a team built on veteran experience with guys like Joe Pascucci, Justin Knizek, Matt Rapp, Tyler Russell, and Christian Ricketts. I mean it’s quite possible these guys were around when inline hockey was invented. That could be the reason why Bob Pompeani, picked the Saucy Benders as his favorites to win the Mutiny Tourney.

Let’s Do That Hockey!

I think we are all excited to get this tournament going, and to see who will be crowned as champions! The tournament is open to the public this year, and TFTB’s own Deke and Greg will be covering the tournament live. Who knows, we might even have a SuperGenius special guest there.

The first puck drops at 12pm at Vernon C. Neal Sportsplex in Washington, PA. Good luck boys!

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