Remembering Kobe Bryant

In what feels like the single longest year in human history, 2020 gave us…well, dog water. Through the losses, the covid, the fires, the murder hornets and so much more, the death of Kobe Bryant may be the single most unbelievable aspect of the entire year as a whole.

The Black Mamba. The guy who honestly made a generation of humans believe there was another level we could reach. There’s always a person that makes you believe the unbelievable is possible no matter what, and Kobe Bean was that for millions.

I want to just go through some moments in his life that were special to me as just a pure rememberance, and I would be a bold face liar if I told you I didn’t want to start with this.

When I started this blog I had a vision of adding a few clips and just commenting on them but at this point, treat this blog as a small archive glimpse into the obsession that is The Mamba. You don’t need some heartfelt message about how Kobe meant the world to me and many sports fans across the planet.

You don’t need me to tell you how important his impact off the court after his playing career was for every single potential and future athlete in the stock market, the wine field AND as a creator.

You don’t need me to tell you who Kobe was.

We just need to remember.

A Different Animal AND The Same Beast

Man, iconic right? Nothing beats the confused look on Kanye’s face when he can’t understand that there’s always more.

Kobe Bryant and Soccer

Kobe’s father, Jellybean Bryant played over seas basketball for years in Italy which led to a pure and genuine love for the game of soccer for Kobe. He speaks multiple languages and has had run ins with almost every major soccer star and you just have to wonder if the Mamba would have been elite on the pitch as well.


81 points. 81 points in one game. He is only behind Wilt who scored 100 in a game but I mean…must be nice to be a 7ft freak athlete in the 60’s. The 81 points also led us to this wonderful gem.

The Alley Oop

I don’t think I can take anyone serious who thinks there has ever been a duo better than Kobe and Shaq. MJ and Scottie, Lebron and D Wade / Chris Bosh / Kyrie Irving / Anthony Davis (not a disrespect thing, Lebron is kind of that good that this works), Cousy and Russell, Magic and Kareem, Bird and McHale. Give me Kobe and Shaq.

The Black Mamba

What’s there to be happy about? The job’s not done.

If you want first place, play with me. Second place, go somewhere else.

Why was Kobe in the gym for so long? Because he saw Jay Williams and wouldn’t be outworked.

The Mamba Mentality

The Dislocated Finger

The Achilles

The Finale

The League

Remembering Kobe

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