What’s A King To A God; Examining Godzilla vs Kong

It is finally here everyone. For years, I have been waiting since the end of Godzilla; King of the Monsters to talk about this very moment. The trailer for Godzilla vs Kong has finally dropped, and with only months away before the film hits theaters and HBO Max there is a lot to dissect from this trailer so let’s get to it. There are some points from the trailer that I am going to be talking about as well as some opinions and predictions I have for what I think will happen in the film.

Point One; Kong Is The Only Good Guy?

In the trailer, we see that Kong is in contact with a little girl that simply understands and communicates with him. Using her, the humans lure Kong away from his home on Skull Island and take him to apparently fight Godzilla or some other Titan. We’re not entirely sure who they are using him to fight against, but it is looking like Kong might be the Hero Titan of this story. Not only that, but it looks like he gets a fucking battle-ax which is crazy to fight Godzilla.

Point Two; What Is Up With Godzilla?

Godzilla, who in the last two movies has proven while destructive in ways is a savior to the Earth and a protector for mankind. From defeating the likes of the M.U.T.O.S. and King Ghidorah, Godzilla laid down the law proving he was the strongest of the Titans. He then commanded everyone to come and bow before him. Most did, but there was one that refused; Kong. So you can argue whether Godzilla is seeking Kong out to eliminate him and any refusal to bow before the King or something else is going on.

What Do I Think Is Really Going On?

There are multiple reasons and plot points that I am considering in the first viewing of this trailer. Is Kong really the only good guy? What is going on with Godzilla? Is there something else going on? Here are my thoughts on the whole situation and opinions that could or could not happen.

The Two Really Are Just Fighting Each Other

From what the trailer pointed out, it seemed that Godzilla’s kind and Kong’s kind have fought for ever. Now it seems that Kong and Godzilla are the last of their species. Is the rivalry still burning this deeply for them to stop protecting the humans in order to kill each other? It is an interesting thing to consider as both of them were protectors of humanity while their rage could blind them to fight each other instead.

King Ghidorah Returns Mechanized

This is not the first time this was considered in my honest opinion. *Spoiler Alert* from King of the Monsters, but the terrorist organization at the end finds the Ghidorah head that was severed from the body. The leader simply replies by saying “We’ll take it”. This could only speculate that the organization with their funding and first hand accounts of seeing the monsters used the Ghidorah head to recreate him, but mechanize him to remain under their control. It could be the reason Godzilla is acting out thinking Kong is the threat he is sensing. It is all very possible considering Mecha King Ghidorah has been done before in a previous Godzilla film. Godzilla and Kong could fight before, and then realize Mecha King Ghidorah is the real threat and then try to take it out.

The Godzilla In The Trailer Is Not Godzilla; It’s MechaGodzilla

Yeah giving another mechanized kaiju might not seem original, but dammit this one just might make the most sense. The trailer even says Godzilla is being aggressive, and he is hurting people which is out of his character. What if the organization studied the Ghidorah head, and Godzilla in order to create the ultimate machine capable of killing it and Kong; MechaGodzilla. I do believe the terrorists use Kong at the beginning by kidnapping him from the group that has him on the boat to sort of “test” Godzilla and when Kong fails, they bring in MechaGodzilla. If this correct, there will be a scene where both Godzillas appear where one is proven to be real and the other one mechanized. Also, in the trailer, I am pretty sure you see the head of MechaGodzilla, but you gotta look fast as it is only for a few seconds.

The Oxygen Destroyer; Destoroyah Debuts

With the oxygen destroyer being used in Godzilla King of the Monsters, Legendary Pictures could be hinting that Destoroyah could heading to debut in the Monsterverse. In the original film Godzilla vs Destoroyah, the monster was created when the oxygen destroyer was used turning a simple marine creature into a dangerous mutation that was able to harness the power of the oxygen destroyer itself. Hear me out here. Godzilla and Kong are thrown into a frenzy when they realize a monstrous power is out there. Naturally, one thinks it is the other, and they try to kill each other, but it is in fact Destoroyah who is the source of the power. Combining the power of the oxygen destroyer and Ghidorah’s alien body could give rise to the demonic being.

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