Moorhead’s Way Too Early 2021 Mock Draft

Ladies and gentlemen. I know we are months away from the 2021 NFL Draft, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t put my Way Too Early predictions of who I think is going to go where. Man, I love this time of the season where some teams are terrible, you don’t know who is going to pick who, you don’t know if trades are gonna happen yet. Same thing as always. Picks will be first, and then I’ll put why the team drafted that particular talent afterward. This is my thing. I love this. Let’s get started!

1.) Jacksonville JaguarsTrevor Lawrence (QB/Clemson)
2.) New York JetsZach Wilson (QB/BYU)
3.) Miami DolphinsDeVonta Smith (WR/Alabama)
4.) Atlanta FalconsJustin Fields (QB/Ohio State)
5.) Cincinnati BengalsPenei Sewell (OT/Oregon)
6.) Philadelphia EaglesJa’Marr Chase (WR/LSU)
7.) Detroit LionsJaylen Waddle (WR/Alabama)
8.) Carolina PanthersMicah Parsons (OLB/Penn State)
9.) Denver BroncosPatrick Surtain II (CB/Alabama)
10.) Dallas CowboysCaleb Farely (CB/Virginia Tech)
11.) New York GiantsKwitty Paye (DE/Michigan)
12.) San Francisco 49ersTrey Lance (QB/North Dakota State)
13.) Los Angeles ChargersWyatt Davis (G/Ohio State)
14.) Minnesota VikingsChristian Darrisaw (OT/Virginia Tech)
15.) New England PatriotsKyle Pitts (TE/Florida)
16.) Arizona CardinalsTravis Etienne (RB/Clemson)
17.) Las Vegas RaidersGregory Rousseau (DE/Miami)
18.) Miami DolphinsJeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (ILB/Notre Dame)
19.) Washington Football TeamJalen Mayfield (OT/Michigan)
20.) Chicago BearsMac Jones (QB/Alabama)
21.) Indianapolis ColtsJaycee Horn (CB/South Carolina)
22.) Tennessee TitansJayson Oweh (DE/Penn State)
23.) New York JetsRashod Bateman (WR/Minnesota)
24.) Pittsburgh SteelersNajee Harris (RB/Alabama)
25.) Jacksonville JaguarsPat Freiermuth (TE/Penn State)
26.) Cleveland BrownsPatrick Jones II (DE/Pitt)
27.) Tampa Bay BuccaneersCarlos Basham Jr. (DE/Wake Forest)
28.) Baltimore RavensQuincy Roche (DE/Miami)
29.) New Orleans SaintsDerion Kendrick (CB/Clemson)
30.) Buffalo BillsDylan Moses (ILB/Alabama)
31.) Green Bay PackersRondale Moore (WR/Purdue)
32.) Kansas City ChiefsRashawn Slater (G/Northwestern)

Why Who Drafted Who?

1.) Jacksonville – Why Trevor Lawrence?

  • Lawrence is the best quarterback in this draft class, and one of the best quarterbacks we have seen play college football in a long time. The Jaguars are desperate for a play maker and a quarterback to get the job done in Jacksonville. This is a no-brainer and if they do anything else, they are dumb.

2.) New York (J) – Why Zach Wilson?

  • I really don’t want the Jets to move on from Darnold, but with a new coach coming in, he’d most likely want to get his guy. Enter BYU’s Zach Wilson. The kid has a great resume and skill set that can bring the Jets back to a decent record. I firmly believe he will be ready to go when the 2021 season starts.

3.) Miami – Why DeVonta Smith?

  • Smith proved to be the best receiver in this draft class, and honestly the best product in the 2020-2021 college season. Being the first receiver to get the Heisman Award since Desmond Howard got it in 1991 was insane and the Dolphins should not hesitate to reunite him quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Use Houston’s pick to get Smith guys!

4.) Atlanta – Why Justin Fields?

  • Fields had a bad championship game against Alabama, but he should still be a top product when talking about this draft. I am sticking with my original prediction before the 2020 NFL season started, and that was the Atlanta Falcons would draft Fields. He has the right scheme to turn Atlanta’s struggles into gold with his mobility. Have him sit behind Ryan to learn a good deep throw, and then take over and change the entire offense man.

5.) Cincinnati – Why Penei Sewell?

  • GIVE JOE BURROW SOME HELP ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE! Simple as that. I don’t want to hear about drafting another receiver. Is that receiver going to stop Joe Burrow from getting hit and injured again? I don’t think so. Get the best offensive tackle in this draft and move one.

6.) Philadelphia – Why Ja’Marr Cahse?

  • He sat out the year because of COVID, but Ja’Marr Chase is the best wideout on the board aside from DeVonta Smith. The Eagles need a playmaker and last year they chose Jalen Reagor , and he sucked. They missed out on the LSU product Justin Jefferson last season, but now have an opportunity to get the LSU guy they need now.

7.) Detroit – Why Jaylen Waddle?

  • This might be a little higher than some other people’s mocks, but I have a lot of belief in Jaylen Waddle, his heart, and his dedication. He could be a big asset to the Detroit Lions who might be without Kenny Golladay in the 2021 campaign. Draft Waddle, and have him catch balls hopefully from Matthew Stafford!

8.) Carolina – Why Micah Parsons?

  • Finally, the Panthers are able to fill in the linebacker shoes of Luke Kuechly. Micah Parsons was great at Penn State, and brings a lot of intensity to a team. After they just selected Derrick Brown last year, let the Panthers take Parsons and continue to build up this great defense.

9.) Denver – Why Patrick Surtain II?

  • With Von Miller expected to return for the 2021 season, the Denver Broncos need to continue to build up that defense after going hog wild on the offensive side of the ball in last year’s draft. Patrick Surtain II is the best cornerback in this draft class. Draft him and give some help to that secondary.

10.) Dallas – Why Caleb Farley?

  • If Surtain was the head of a coin, then Farley is the tails. There is not a lot that separates these two as they are both great athletes in the secondary with something to prove. Dallas’s defense was pure garbage last season especially the secondary. Draft Farley to finally give Trevon Diggs a hand back there.

11.) New York (G) – Why Kwity Paye?

  • Paye might be the best edge rusher in this entire class. He proved that at Michigan. What do the Giants need help with? Maybe some would argue some weapons on offense, but with Barkley returning from injury, Jones should be fine. Give some help to that defense that started balling out at the end of the season with Kwity Paye.

12.) San Francisco – Why Trey Lance?

  • I originally had Lance going to the Lions, but I decided to switch it up a bit, and put him here with the San Francisco 49ers. The Quarterback questions has come in recent with weeks with Jimmy G being hurt too often, and performing just okay when healthy. They might be on the hunt for Deshaun Watson, but just in case they don’t, I am putting the North Dakota State product in there.

13.) Los Angeles (C) – Why Wyatt Davis?

  • Wyatt Davis is the best guard in this class, and I believe he could do a great job in bringing some life to the Chargers’ offensive line that gave rookie quarterback Justin Herbert some hiccups. I think their defense will be fine, they just have to get healthy. So yeah, Davis is my guy for the Chargers.

14.) Minnesota – Why Christian Darrisaw?

  • For some reason, Darrisaw isn’t being projected in the first round anymore, but I believe he might be one of the better offensive tackles in this entire draft. Not sure what is up with that, but he should be drafted to the Minnesota Vikings who are experiencing some offensive line issues as of late.

15.) New England – Why Kyle Pitts?

  • If I were the Patriots I would try free agency or stick with Stidham. I wouldn’t draft a quarterback this year. What they should do is get an offensive playmaker. That guy is Kyle Pitts. The kid from Florida is amazing and has been very productive with Kyle Trask and that Florida Gators offense. Let him come to New England to try to replace Gronk.

16.) Arizona – Why Travis Etienne?

  • It might not be the most popular opinion, but I think Travis Etienne would be the perfect fit for the Arizona Cardinals. Kenyan Drake had a massive downgrade of a year, and Chase Edmonds was just okay. Etienne provides that comfort spot that a running back should have where he can run and catch the ball. He has helped Trevor Lawrence out quite a bit, and should do the same with Kyler Murray in that Cardinals offense.

17.) Las Vegas – Why Gregory Rousseau?

  • With other needs ahead, Vegas is finally able to their pass rusher. Gregory Rousseau in my opinion is the best edge rusher in this draft class, but Kwity Paye makes a strong case as well. Put him with Jon Gruden and that Raiders. Finally, they have a pass rusher, and they should be better on defense because of it.

18.) Miami – Why Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoal?

  • Originally, I had Jeremiah a little higher, but decided that the linebacker out of Notre Dame would be a great fit for Brian Flores and the Miami Dolphins. He would do great things learning under veteran linebacker Kyle Van Noy. The defense was great last year, and honestly it should get even better adding this product to that team.

19.) Washington – Why Jalen Mayfield?

  • I firmly believe that the Washington Football Team either gets Cam Newton or Deshaun Watson as a quarterback next season so there is no need to draft another quarterback. Plus, after what they went through with Haskins, they should avoid it at all costs. What they should be doing is boosting their offense. You can get a good receiver later. What I would do is go grab Jalen Mayfield and boost that offensive line.

20.) Chicago – Why Mac Jones?

  • Controversial? Maybe, but the Bears have no idea what they are doing at quarterback, and obviously Foles wasn’t the answer. Do I believe that Mac Jones may be the answer to Chicago’s issues? Maybe. Maybe not. However, his offense awareness and play style will get him in the first round after that championship game. Why not Chicago? Take a chance on him.

21.) Indianapolis – Why Jaycee Horn?

  • I know the Colts might be looking to get a quarterback, but honestly not a lot are left to choose from. Plus there will be seem good ones in free agency to choose from, or they could choose to resign Jacoby Brissett if Rivers retires. Get to work on that secondary with drafting Jaycee Horn out of South Carolina.

22.) Tennessee – Why Jayson Oweh?

  • The Titans need some help at the edge rusher position. There is a lot in this class this year with this position, but if I were the Titans, I would take a chance on the Penn State product; Jayson Oweh. Rumors surfaced that if he stayed in school this year instead of declaring he could have been a top five pick in 2022. That is good enough for me if I am the Titans trying to help a position that hasn’t been good for a while.

23.) New York (J) – Why Rashod Bateman?

  • When you think of the Jets, they have a decent amount of receivers already. So why draft another? I firmly believe Mims is coming a good way and Crowder is still good as well, but with some free agents leaving, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring in Bateman from Minnesota to develop in a Jets system.

24.) Pittsburgh – Why Najee Harris?

  • Pittsburgh needs help in a lot of areas, but especially in offensive line and running back. Their rushing attack was the worst in the 2020 season with averaging maybe less than 80 yards a game. That stops with drafting Alabama’s Najee Harris who put on a clinic to a lot of defenses. He reminds me of Derrick Henry, and honestly we haven’t had a runner like that since Bettis. Bring him on board.

25.) Jacksonville – Why Pat Freiermuth?

  • Jacksonville has already drafted Lawrence at quarterback so why not get him a weapon? Gronk 2.0 here in the form of Pat Freiermuth from Penn State. The Jaguars ahve been looking for a decent tight end to bring some stability in their offense, but honestly not a lot of people are doing the job. Freiermuth will get the job done and then be the one to finish it with a nice cold beer afterwards.

26.) Cleveland – Why Patrick Jones?

  • Not often you see a Pitt player in first rounds anymore, but I have got a good feeling about Patrick Jones. The kid has done wonders playing edge for Pitt, and a perfect spot for him would honestly be the Cleveland Browns. Their pass rush aside from Myles Garrett has been decent and adding Patrick Jones would definitely help the team going forward.

27.) Tampa Bay – Why Carlos Basham Jr?

  • The Buccaneers defense has been hot and cold this season. They are in desperate need of a pass rusher edge that can do some damage. Enter Wake Forest’s Carlos Basham Jr. His game ability has gone down in 2020, but before he was a monster on the field. I wouldn’t let one season let the Bucs stare away from talent here.

28.) Baltimore – Why Quincy Roche?

  • The outside linebacker/edge rusher has been great for Miami, and if there is one thing the Baltimore Ravens need besides receiver is an edge rusher. Roche has been able to play both edge rusher and outside linebacker as a hybrid so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take him on after already taking Patrick Queen just last year.

29.) New Orleans – Why Derion Kendrick?

  • The Saints secondary hasn’t been awful, but it hasn’t been lockdown either. getting another piece to that puzzle wouldn’t be a bad idea moving forward when you are going to be trying to refigure out the team anyway since Drew Brees will be retiring after this season. Clemson’s Derion Kendrick would not be a bad choice here.

30.) Buffalo – Why Dylan Moses?

  • Buffalo has done wonders this year with their play style and attitude. Getting a great piece from Alabama such as Dylan Moses would help out the Bills even more in my honest opinion. With a lot of corner options taken, the Bills have to be smart and take Moses as an inside linebacker to improve some rough spots of the defense.

31.) Green Bay – Why Rondale Moore?

  • This is the last time I am going to say this. It should have been Tee Higgins last year, and this year the Packers better draft a receiver to help out Aaron Rodgers. Granted he didn’t need much help this year with some people finally stepping up. However, even getting Moore to work with Rodgers and Jordan Love for the future would be smart for the franchise.

32.) Kansas City – Why Rashawn Slater?

  • The Chiefs really don’t need much honestly. I know a lot of people are going to freak when they see how far Slater has slipped, and yeah I get it, but it happens sometimes man, and he is the best guard in the draft aside from Wyatt Davis. Put him on the Chiefs to give Mahomes some more protection.

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