The Top Ten Teams That Should Trade for Deshaun Watson

The Houston Texans are in deep water right now with their quarterback; Deshaun Watson. After signing Watson to a massive 4-year, 156,000,000 contract which wouldn’t make him a free agent until 2026…and they pissed him off.

Watson expressed his opinion on being involved in the hiring process of both the coach and General Manager positions. He gave the organization a list of names to see if they would consider them. The Texans said they would, but wouldn’t you know it, they lied. They hired Nick Caserio without number one telling Watson and number two lying to him that they looked at those individuals they gave him.

So yes. Watson is furious. He’s even gone out of his way to say he might ask for a trade because of his unhappiness with the organization and where it is going. Well you know me and trade talks. I’m all aboard the hype train. If Watson decides to go to a new team, there’s ten teams that I have that should trade for him.

10.) Jacksonville Jaguars

Yeah I know it is silly. Why consider Jacksonville when you are at the number one spot ready to take Trevor Lawrence? Here’s the thing. Lawrence was great at Clemson, but you never know if he will properly make the transition that some quarterbacks do. Two, they have the most cap space by far and could supply Watson’s contract. So yes, it is a little silly to say this because of the inner conference, but when you break it down it might not be so bad.

9.) Pittsburgh Steelers

Had to throw this in there sorry, but I have been depressed thinking about what we will be doing after Big Ben is done for the Steelers. We would have to majorly structure the cap space more than ever before, and in order to do that Big Ben would have to retire or we would have to cut him. I really don’t like thinking about that part of it, but putting Watson in this organization with these weapons and this defense would mean lights out for opponents.

8.) Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears made the playoffs as a wild card this year, but fell dramatically to the New Orleans Saints. Some would argue the quarterback play was the main reason why and they should look to acquire Watson from the Texans. It wouldn’t be a bad idea, but you have to figure out what to do with Trubisky and Foles. You’d have to figure they probably would need to offer up a couple firsts and Khalil Mack as well in order to get it done. Their cap space might be the only thing in question though.

7.) Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers gave Teddy Bridgewater a three year deal, and for a moment it seemed that it was a great thing. However, Teddy had some injuries late in the season, and the Panthers struggled for the rest of the time. Granted, they paired Teddy to give McCaffery an edge, but he was unavailable for a majority of the year. Can you imagine Watson and McCaffery on the same team? It would be incredible, and their cap space looks for the next couple of years to do it.

6.) New York Jets

The Jets would have to make the decision to move on from Darnold and to give up some 1st rounders, but the Jets are a great team for Watson to go to if they hire the right coach. The young talent surrounding Watson would thrive with a mobile decision making monster in Watson. Plus they have the second most cap space to spare to give him what he wants.

5.) Denver Broncos

This is my personal favorite team for Watson to go to, but the problem is they have a ton of free agents going into the 2021 season. They most likely would have to part ways with Miller either by cut or trade or give them a decent defender to work with, but Watson with those weapons on offense would be unstoppable, and their cap looks good to work with too.

4.) Washington Football Team

With Washington’s quarterback issues going into 2021, and their cap great to work with, the Washington Football Team would be a great fit for Watson to work with. The only thing that would have to be right be the culture fit going forward, and it seems under Ron Rivera that it is heading in the right direction. That young talent would be thrilled to have Watson.

3.) New England Patriots

If Watson wants to win and win now, the Patriots would be the right fit. They have a huge amount of cap space to work with, and a great coach to work with. They already experimented with a mobile quarterback in Cam Newton, and getting some defensive stars back next season with the offense brilliance of Josh McDaniels would be one of the best fits for Watson to have.

2.) Miami Dolphins

The one that started it all, and honestly a great fit would be the Miami Dolphins. Watson wants culture and change to come with it and going to the only team with an African American GM and coach would be amazing for him to do that. Their cap is great, their defense is set. The only way this works though is if Flores parts away with his quarterback of the future in Tua Tagovailoa and some first round picks, but I think this would be great for both parties with Miami gaining a bit of an edge with Watson.

1.) San Francisco 49ers

Yeah, this is it man. The best team I could see Watson going to is the San Francisco 49ers. Coach Shanahan would be thrilled to have Watson to finally solve some offensive struggles. They also run more than any team, and a mobile quarterback would certainly help. They have enough stars on defense that they could part ways with one or two plus some draft picks to finally try to get back to promise land; the Super Bowl.

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