Start’ Em Sit’ Em Running Backs – Week 16


Start of the Week –

Tony Pollard vs Philadelphia Eagles

Pollard was able to spark some magic for some fantasy owners that were able to pick him up and throw him in when Elliot went down with an injury. After a 30 point performance against the 49ers, Pollard might be called on to serve as the main back again as Elliot is still nursing an injury. They’ll face the Eagles this week, and Andy Dalton should make Pollard a main threat in the running game and passing game in this one.

David Montgomery vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Montgomery has become the vocal point finally in the Bears offense as he has posted four performances in a row of over 25 fantasy points. His latest point total of over 32 against the Vikings gives me great hope that he will obliterate the Jacksonville rushing defense as they rank 30th in the NFL. Shouldn’t even be a talk of discussion anymore. Give him the ball, and watch him run.

David Johnson vs Cincinnati Bengals

David Johnson proved me wrong last weekend against the Colts as he was the primary runner and passing target in the Texans offense. he almost looked like his former self when he was the breakout star with the Cardinals all those years ago before he got injured. With a lot of the Texans receivers out, and a matchup against the Bengals ahead of them, David Johnson looks to be the main guy going forward in both categories yet again.

J.K. Dobbins vs New York Giants

Dobbins proved to be the main running back going forward in the Ravens win over the Jaguars. Now their opponent this weekend is the New York Giants. Their defense was able to quarrel Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt to below their fantasy projections. This might be cautious, but Dobbins is the main guy in the running back system of the Ravens going forward, so I would throw him in despite the amount of yards that might get take from him by Lamar Jackson.

Leonard Fournette vs Detroit Lions

Fournette took advantage of Ronald Jones being out with a messed up pinky and him being on the COVID list. He was able to muster over 20 fantasy points along with two rushing touchdowns on the day against the Atlanta Falcons. If Jones is out again, Fournette will be able to take a majority of the points and give his fantasy managers some hope in tough spots when he and the Bucs face the Detroit Lions and their poor rushing defense.


Giovani Bernard vs Houston Texans

Darrell Henderson vs Seattle Seahawks

Lynn Bowden Jr. vs Las Vegas Raiders


Sit of the Week –

Benny Snell vs Indianapolis Colts

Whether it would be Snell or Conner if he gets “healthy”, I would stay away from them as much as possible despite Snell’s fantasy performance last Monday against the Bengals. The Steelers have proven that they have trouble running the ball as they want to take a pass-first option. It just doesn’t help the offense, and it only gives me more ammunition to bench him or Conner this weekend.

Jonathan Taylor vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Now we head to the other side of this Steelers-Colts game as I am advising you to sit Jonathan Taylor this weekend. I know it might not be a popular option as the kid as done some wonderful performances this season. Something just tells me even with the Steelers having linebacker issues, they grind hard to stop the run and force Rivers to throw the ball in order for him to make mistakes. So while it might be controversial I am advising you to sit Taylor this weekend.

Todd Gurley vs Kansas City Chiefs

Gurley has become an afterthought in the Falcons offense as Ito Smith is starting to prove himself a decent flex option. Don’t know why, but that is what it is. Honestly, if you are still starting Gurley at this point, there is something wrong with you. I just don’t believe he will be a factor for this team for the rest of regular season. He started off hot, but seems to have dwindled a lot. I would bench him when the Falcons face the Chiefs this weekend.

Le’Veon Bell vs Atlanta Falcons

Le’Veon Bell seems like he is going to get the start this weekend when the Chiefs face the Falcons, and I know a lot of people will want to throw him in their lineups this weekend as maybe a saving grace for their fantasy teams. I would stay cautious as Bell’s best quality was that he could be a great receiver, but with all the weapons that the Falcons seems it will be hard for him to get the ball that way. He’s a low end flex for me at best.

Wayne Gallman vs Baltimore Ravens

Gallman looked to try to bring the Giants running game with Barkely being out, and for a while he did, but now the Giants are looking to spread the ball on the ground a little more with Alfred Morris in the backfield. I would avoid him as James Robinson, a promising undrafted rookie for the Jaguars struggled heavily to gain any ground against the Ravens, who the Giants place this weekend.


Frank Gore vs Cleveland Browns

Zack Moss vs New England Patriots

Phillip Lindsay vs Los Angeles Chargers

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